Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Better late than never 10-6-2014

This week was actually a little slower believe it or now! So after P-day we has some delicious Mucho Burrito and Elder Bjarnson ate the Ghost Pepper Sauce burrito and just about killed himself it was great to watch ha ha. Tuesday we had Normal District Meetings and A lesson with Brody, Hes pretty much awesome and super strong in coming back to church, that night we went on exchanges and i woke up with a swollen eye... weird right? 1 problem after the next... it was called Iritis, inflammation of the iris so i was wearing glasses for a week, doctors don't know what really causes it, it just happens. i'm all better now! :) soo Wednesday I was pretty much down for the count because the inflammation causes your eye to hurt if you look or see any light so we didn't do much, I pretty much slept the day away until dinner because it was dark enough I could go out with Brody who took us to this amazing Stir fry restaurant. then Thursday went down to the Doctors to get the whole eye thing diagnosed and then had some good dinner with a cool member in High River...  then Friday we had the Mission Leadership Council meeting all day (MLC) that was nothing but a ball of joy.... we have to train the mission on how to Teach People not Lessons now :) then Conference was just awesome....I still have a hard time taking notes and paying attention, so i tried my best but i don't think i got everything out of it that i could have, so i will be downloading all the talks onto my USB and listening to them again!

Happy Birthday Dad! But sorry to hear about the Bad news :( They are in a happier place now and arent in pain anymore :) how was teaching the freshman? I always thought it would be cool to be a seminary teacher when i got home to be honest.... it would have to be junior or senior though haha maybe sophomores.... Mom sounds like you had some fun with aunt Chris! and its going to be another awesome Halloween! but hey the last fun one without me! next year i will be there :) 

Today im headed down to Sheep River Falls for P-Day so that should be fun, might get off emails a bit early so we can have a whole day down there but that's my week for the most part!
Put your shoulder to the will

Dinner with Brody


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