Friday, April 10, 2015

April 9th 2015 Transfers

Zach is doing great, on April 7th he was told he was getting transferred to the Calgary area and he was not that excited about that change..... he love Magrath and the people that he is working with, members and investigators.... Justin came to General Conference and Elder Martin said it went great, he said that Justin is so close and he is really sad he can't be there. We found out that he is in the Bow Valley Ward in the West Calgary Stake, and is with a Elder Wiser who he knows and is happy about that. Not much more to say than he will soon be home in 6 weeks, and we as a family are excited and sad to be seeing his mission be coming to an end.
Bow Valley Ward

March 30 2015

This week was good we did meet with Justin he is SOOOO close! We asked him "look you pretty much live all the standards, so what's holding you back from being baptized?" and he simply told us.... every now and then her gets "thought/doubts" in his head.. and it just makes him think! so we obviously taught to that and all that, it was a good lesson! The Baptism went smooth.... slightly awkward because we sat behind the Ex Wifes parents who are devout Catholic and they were pretty much bashing through the entire Service.... I wanted to slap them across the face with a Book Of Mormon but I didn't haha.... Transfers are on the 9th so 1 week, we live with the Sabey's. and yesterday we had 3 dinners haha.... 2 linger longers and then the Evans said that they had a smoked Brisket so come over... and man was that GOOOOOOD! Also about the Evans Their sons that are still home Conner (14) and Hayden (18) will probably be living with us for a week or so in august to go shooting/hunting and all that fun! :) just letting you know

ammonite mine on the backroads

Elder Keith wanted a duck.... Shhhhh hahaha

Duck Evans boys got

And this is John Evans.... (dad) with his new M1 grand toy.... this was Family Home evening By the way haha

March 23 2015

Well it just gets closer and closer doesn't it..... This week was pretty quick, feels like just yesterday i was on.... Well Tuesday was normal for the most part, had some splits in the evening but nobody showed up, so our WML took us to a family and they are active but lost their son to a suicide and they just opened up and talked about everything that's been on their minds... it was awesome, he left behind a small family and his wife isn't a member so we got her address and are sending missionaries to her house! :) The Dad prayed about it and everything and he felt strongly prompted that his daughter in law's heart had been soften enough :) so that was awesome!

Then we had district meetings on Wednesday this week, the sisters were at the temple on Tuesday with a Returning less active family, so that's cool, after that had a delicious Burger :)

Thursday we had an awesome dinner and lesson with Justin! we ate with the Ogdens and they are a sweet family, had BBQ burgers and then played some basketball with 3 of their kids and Justin and then had a killer lesson, on why it is we make choices and get baptized.... He knows what he needs to do, he just needs to search for his answer! :) Awesome guy.

Friday was pretty boring, everyone either went to Taber or Edmonton for Provincials for basketball... being southern Alberta, that's all this towns about is Basketball haha... between Friday and Saturday not a whole lot happened because of that BUT the boys took 4th in the Province and the Girls took 1st! so that was pretty exciting to hear.... 

Sunday was good, we taught 4th ward 3rd hour combined... had to give a presentation on PMG and why its awesome and set a goal with everyone to start reading it... i think people just let it go in one ear and out the other though, kinda like "oh hey the missionaries are speaking Zzzzz" and people don't understand that were representatives of Jesus Christ and speak for him, but hey that's alright! :) but ya that was my week! Oh also Abe's cat had kittens... they pretty cute, but also they are cats haha... so yup! Times getting closer! :)


This is Connor Evans in his snowball armor!

a member we ate with yesterday, his 67 Camaro! 

March 16 2015

Magrath is well, we met with Justin this week and committed him to read and pray every night this week and he said he will do it! so that's great, he moved from out east to here for work, and has so much intent its crazy, he really wants to know if its true, and he said that if he comes to know its true he will 100% get baptized!! and then we met with the one 9-year-old and she has a baptism date for the 28th, its kind of a quick baptism haha but she is 9 so we teach her... and then we had a lot of less actives this week, got one the stop smoking program so she could set a date and she wants to stop by next Saturday! we thought that was awesome.

we also did some gopher trapping this week haha, the Evans have some traps so we just set them and check them and hour later and boom its like magic, there's gophers in them! but that's was the outcome of my week!

March 9th

So this week was pretty rockin'... except for p-days.... zone doesn't do much, to be honest the zone leaders are kinda meh in the leadership category... and organizing zone activities haha... so we just hang out at the mall in Lethbridge and eat food haha.... Tuesday was normal district meeting then splits with youth and Wednesday we went pigeon cleaning I guess you could call it haha, our WML in 1st ward had pigeon problems so Keith and I and the 2 kids we went on splits we took care of them... they would gun them down with pellet guns and we would get them when they hit the ground to make sure they were dead haha... it was quite fun, Thursday was interviews and those went well and quick haha, got my New Temple Recommend and shared hot Cheetos with President haha.... and no dad i wasn't nervous to open the box in front of prez haha, he's a funny guy and were good friends, Sister Nicholas on the other hand wanted to interrogate me to make sure I wasn't being stupid or focusing on other things haha, I told her that her husband approved, and she said "I'm the one who has the final say" I thought it was pretty comical! :D then that evening we taught Justin and it was awesome! this guy has pure intent and really wants to know what his direction in life is suppose to be, he feels that there's something there... so we taught the Light of Christ and it was sweet, and even better he came to church on Sunday! soooo sick! also Sunday in 3rd ward our WML asked us to be a part of his son's ordination to Deacon that was pretty cool! :) but that's just about sums up my week! :) take care love you lots!

Road Kill

Pigeon the boys got

March 2 2015

This week was normal I guess besides moving.... were just 2 clicks outside of town now in Brad Sabey's basement.... he is our Spring Coulee Branch leader. Also got to see a New less active this week, she just lost her husband and is working on getting back to church, it's awesome to still hear she has a testimony of the Plan of Salvation and that she wants to get her life back on track, she wants to stop smoking so that's great! was a pretty good lesson, and then we got around to the normal visits, couldn't get anything set up with the one family who's daughter were teaching... but that's alright. better luck this week.... on Saturday we did service which was nice.. except the fact we had to move a giant 300 Gallon Fish Tank and then a slightly smaller 200 gallon fish tank haha... I've heard of crazy cat people but these were crazy fish people... super heavy! but awesome at the same time... always exciting, then we did some cleaning of the Evans Garage and set up there pretty awesome Bosch Table saw.... it made me want it haha. All in all it was a pretty good week, it's been snowing again so I guess winter finally caught up with us, darn haha. yesterday we went to the Del Bonita Branch which is like 10k from the border, they have 15 people on membership records out there and 4 stake missionaries, it was a pretty good service, seeing a small church out there and dedicated members like that tells me the church is true! crazy to think only 2 fast Sundays left.... WOW!!

left to right is Adams, Roberts, then Larsen, and Christensen

February 23

Not to sound like a downer but not a lot happened this week, it was Reading week which means kids are off school for a week, and people take a Holiday haha... so we got into a few people homes, our WML gave us a good bunch of names that we could stop by... nobody home, sadly but we still will be trying this week, since they should all be home now! haha, Another sad story is I lost my watch, I have no idea what happened to it, one minute it was in my Jean pocket because I went to work out at, and the next thing I know when I check my pockets it's gone... I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse seeing how the watch was from smalls haha.... but the 3rd WML Mark Tollstrup who is a Boss gave me one of his many watches he collects so I'm good haha... other than that not much happened, sorry for the lame report... also its like that limbo time where im like whats the point in emailing haha i will be seeing you in 3 months anyways!!! waahoo ooo! :) Love you guys!

February 17th

holy smokes!! well HELLLOOOO family, sounds like you 3 have been having a vacation and you haven't even left home! pretty cool :) Really sounds like you have enjoyed Cheyenne :) which makes me happy.... so this past week was alright not to much happened... we did meet with 3 families who all have unbaptized daughters, and are all pretty much less active, so they want us to teach them and help them get baptized i believe 2 are 9 and 1 is 8 so that's exciting!! i love Re-activating families! One of the Families is a younger couple... about 26, but they are renovating a house and Keith and i have been going over there almost every day and helping them out.. I'm sure you got those pictures from that one random email.... i hope you did at least haha... and then it feels kinda like Keith and I are separate from the stakes idea of missionary work.. kinda hard to explain but simply put is were not on the same page haha... so were working on organizing this whole thing.... it's turning into quite the project haha... darn southern Alberta just likes to do things a little bit differently! :P But that's alright, the people here are awesome, it feels like a little home away from home out here, and when i come up to visit i will Definitely be staying in Magrath on the way through!! But that was the highlights of my week out here haha, i cant wait when i get home and can have some fun with you guys again but actually be there  this time with Cheyenne! :) She says she totally loved you guys! and hopes that you really liked her haha! i told her that you did and not to worry! :) Love you mom and dad thanks for being amazing! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9 2015

Alrighty!! Another week in Magrath down and over. This week was pretty good, we went to the Temple on Wednesday with a returning less active that was pretty amazing! He did some baptisms for the dead :) then the other days were back to the grind and normal, finding/teaching days and then Saturday we did some service at the Evans house... who are pretty much like our family in Magrath for Keith and i, they are awesome. Anyways we had some pretty awful wind and it blew down a tree.... so I hopped on a chainsaw and went to town! still more to do, but it's a start... then Sunday elder Keith and i both gave talks in the Spring Coulee branch.... they went well we both thought, at least that's what the members told us haha. But that was about all, to be honest, this week, Temple was the Highlight... cool fact about that temple, so Elder Chronis my main mandarin missionary homie, his Great Great grandfather painted the Murals in the temple! and man were they amazing! :) so that was a cool sight to see!
Also sometime this week we were out cruising through the back country and came upon this old abandoned house, so we went to investigate.... we ended up seeing an owl and got some sick pictures :) Also President called because I asked if I could teach Jonathan to Prep him for his mission I guess, and I got permission! :) but it was funny because on the phone call he asked what are you doing? "I replied were on a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere, looking for dinner," and he was like "well Elder whatever you do try not to shoot it, run it over, or pick it up on the side of the road" haha we had a chuckle over that one... WELLLLLL that was my week! love ya bunches!
also found this dead deer :P gotta love the great old outdoors!

Elder's Martin and Keith


Cardston Temple

Elder Martin @ Cardston Temple

Dead Deer.....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Magrath 1-26-2015

Well My week was pretty good I suppose haha, we did have zone conference so that was nice, Elder Keith got approved for Facebook from President so that's cool. and we have been teaching a good chunk of less actives... had some Investigator lessons set up on Saturday but they were both no shows.... slightly depressing haha, were still organizing the other side of the stake and trying to figure out how the works going to be able to get done... and find and pick up those who the sisters were working with.... We attend usually 3 wards on Sundays... then on the following week switch and on occasion we try to get out to Welling, Del Bonita, and Spring Coulee on the other Sundays. were fed every night which is sweet.... going to have to stay fit though! haha, Ya.... it was cool to see Connie's Niece, finally got to meet someone who knows people back home! It's cool haha.... Today for p-day were all meeting in Cardston, the whole zone should be there so that will make things fun :) other than that, life is good.... as far as living, no we dont have or own space... except our bedroom... were on the look out for an apartment, we have permission from the mission housing coordinator to start the paperwork so were excited haha. But life's great! :)


Roads around Magrath pretty hard on Cars.... Hard to keep 

home made Funnel cake at Brother 
Abe Wolvers Jr

Magrath Transfer Jan 19 2015

Well, first couple of days in Magrath haven't been so bad! haha.... I thought Taber was small, well Magrath has about 2,500 people in it! and its a stake and were covering the whole thing! That's pretty crazy. We have a little Subaru Impreza.... hopefully it holds up haha they are just so cheap and the roads out here are horrible. I live with Elder Keith my Comp and the Spackmans.... also a cat named Lucy and a dog named Heidi :) still have a place to do laundry so that's nice... and they do stock the fridge so I shouldn't have to spend to much money! :) they are really nice people, brother spackman is in the Scouts Canada board so he is a fun guy to talk with.... we have a lot of less active work to do, and organizing since the sisters just left and we are taking their area... were looking for investigators right now haha, i think there is like 10 non-members here it seems like, so this is going to be fun! I do like small towns! I'm sure I forgot information.... sorry but it's going to be a fun transfer! 
Also thought i would let you know i bought work out bands called TRX since weight sets are not allowed anymore... don't know why i didn't buy them earlier but they are awesome... they were 90$ but they do help! gotta stay in shape! :)

He said he gathered a

His Chinese Elders Elder Chronis and Abunuwara from his
last Zone in Calgary

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First post for 2015

Elder Martin's Latest Email...... I think DTM is District Training Meeting for those

Well this week was interesting..... Monday was the usual P-day and Tuesday with DTM then we went to High River for a DTM and THEN in the evening i got to see Kevin the RC.... he has been super busy and hasn't been going to church much, the ward is working with him but it was so great to sit and chat with him, were still great friends. Wednesday we were Downtown until dinner and then came in early for New Years Eve and all that shenanigans haha, Elder Smith and I played some Intense rounds of chess! On Thursday we had a move to do... it was cold ha like -15C yippee! then we had to drive all over the zone to get Car gas information because on Friday we drove alllll the way down to Lethbridge for some Mission Leadership Council! :D i love driving a good distance! on the way back we got caught in the middle of a snow storm.... the wind and snow was awful i felt like i was in the millennial falcon going into light speed haha. slowest i hit was 40k soooo we were crawling but we made it to Okotoks just in time for elder smith to do a baptism interview For Larry who got baptized on Sunday!!!! it was the coolest baptism ever, we filled up the chapel! Truly amazing stuff. Larry's family was baptized 6 years ago and he said he would support but never join... well now he joined, his son who is leaving on his mission in 9 days baptized him, and will confirm him next week! also he will be serving in Ventura California.

As far as Elder Smith and i are, were plugging along... searching/cleaning up our area book and are trying to find investigators, but 1 member says he has someone in the works to meet with us, now its only a matter of time! so were excited!! but ya that's my week! :) Love you!!

Elder Smith and Martin

Getting ready to take Elder Lloyd to Mission home so 
he can go home

Christmas present from Daniel 

Have too love the Beard calendar 

Ice Sculpture


Martin and Smith..... who knows

These pictures courtesy of  Sister Cheyenne Mortensen that Elder Martin just sent her that was taken last February..... obviously he thought he looked pretty good in her hoodie  lol