Friday, April 10, 2015

February 17th

holy smokes!! well HELLLOOOO family, sounds like you 3 have been having a vacation and you haven't even left home! pretty cool :) Really sounds like you have enjoyed Cheyenne :) which makes me happy.... so this past week was alright not to much happened... we did meet with 3 families who all have unbaptized daughters, and are all pretty much less active, so they want us to teach them and help them get baptized i believe 2 are 9 and 1 is 8 so that's exciting!! i love Re-activating families! One of the Families is a younger couple... about 26, but they are renovating a house and Keith and i have been going over there almost every day and helping them out.. I'm sure you got those pictures from that one random email.... i hope you did at least haha... and then it feels kinda like Keith and I are separate from the stakes idea of missionary work.. kinda hard to explain but simply put is were not on the same page haha... so were working on organizing this whole thing.... it's turning into quite the project haha... darn southern Alberta just likes to do things a little bit differently! :P But that's alright, the people here are awesome, it feels like a little home away from home out here, and when i come up to visit i will Definitely be staying in Magrath on the way through!! But that was the highlights of my week out here haha, i cant wait when i get home and can have some fun with you guys again but actually be there  this time with Cheyenne! :) She says she totally loved you guys! and hopes that you really liked her haha! i told her that you did and not to worry! :) Love you mom and dad thanks for being amazing! :)

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