Monday, July 29, 2013

House Inspection Winners

Crescent View  chapel which over looks Calgary, so its very pretty

Red Lobster Lunch for the Missionaries that won the House inspection..... Elder Martin's Companion 
must be a great cleaner because that can't be our kid.

I feel bad because I don't have a whole lot to really report on, but as of this week we met with an investigator from a while ago and got a lesson in with her, we are going to drop another investigator this week because he isn't progressing and he says there's no need for him to get baptized because hes already perfect he thinks. on P-Day we just shop then get lunch at the mall and then go to the stake center to play some basketball we ended up playing some soccer and hand ball last week so that was pretty sweet.
We have a dinner this week with a less active member who invited US over for a BBQ and to shoot some pool, hes getting ready for a tournament down in Vegas in a few months hes on a professional league team so i'm pretty excited for that. But that's really about it sadly. 

oh here's something exciting, we won our house inspection so the mission couple took us and the other missionaries who won out to Red Lobster this week and we stopped by the Crescent View  Chapel which over looks Calgary so its very pretty I have some pictures. and We stopped by the soccer field to watch a less actives grandson (hes 6) play soccer at the soccer camp, he actually asked me to teach him a few things about soccer before he went to the camp so that was cool. And we came across a bag piper outside our house, hes been playing for 26 years hes pretty sweet, Elder Mooney and I saw him when we were on exchanges a few weeks ago and he played the Scottish tune, but its the one that we sing Praise to the Man too it was awesome...

The backside of a bag piper

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still doing Service in High River

We were able to here from Elder Martin a day later because they opened another area in High River that the Missionaries could help do service in.  Elder Martin is doing great and his letter to his Mother was so fantastic,  He really is doing well.  He did say the teaching is still slow but he is getting better at teaching the gospel.  he did relate a cool story when he was shopping for boots about  a lady that was asking why a man dressed like him needed a pair of Steel toed boots and he explained to her what the Missionaries have been doing in High River helping mucking out the homes that have been flooded, and at the register she paid for them thanking him for his service and they need that type of help in High River, he felt that was cool.

This is our Zone picture and in it are Elders: Smith, Young, Miner, Suniamafelao, Mooney, Hanssey, Ferguson. Then sisters: Wray, Nuttel, Lamont, Mortonson. I don't know the order but if you can read the name tags, there ya go! :)

This is a picture of the numbers we have put up down here with the Helping Hands crews down in High River!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

High River

The work with the stampede and summer and flood coming through here actually slowed down we haven't been able to really teach anyone this week, were still at the same place as last.

But we were able to go down to High River this week and help out with people.
 So many people down there are just devastated, we helped them clear out their entire basements, from Furniture to beds to fridges to weight machines to carpet to dryers and washers to drywall we pretty much demoed everything that was affected by the flood, it was so sad but so amazing at the same time because we got to show the people the act of service and they couldn't believe we were doing it for free and even more so that we didn't even know or care who we were helping out. just that we were there to help! :) it was awesome. it was truly a touching experience. it made me think back upon when the fires came roaring through and you and I were the only ones in the house at the time. Then on Saturday we got a freak snow/hail storm ha-ha that was a pretty cool trip. hail the size of marbles, it didn't feel to good needless to say, we had to run out of the car because a member was buying us lunch at a place called Costa Vida, is a branch from Cafe Rio. their Raspberry Chipoltle chicken is pretty delicious.
Service in High River going down into basement

Mucking out basement

Elder Martin  and Elder Miner in High River
Elder Martin

 and yes those are rail road tracks

Monday, July 1, 2013

Service in Canada

  So this week we helped two families move, one moved into our ward they are non member and said yes to us coming back they seemed pretty interested because Shawn (the boyfriend) said how awesome it is for two young men to help someone they don't even know or have ever met in their life before. So the lord does soften hearts through service it was awesome. we plan on going back sometime this week to check up on them see how things are settling in.
   Then this other family we helped move out husband and wife. and they pretty much said the same thing about us serving them and not knowing who they are. but funny story so while we were helping move occupations came up and what you did before you came out and so i told them network security at the SDCRAA and he said no way I've been in security like that for years. so he asked like what programs and such or who we deal with and i said Hirsch (Identive) Proximex, Vicon, Nice. and he's dealt with all those programs and so has his friend Jeff that was there helping him move it was pretty awesome! So he said he would give me his information on the 4th because he said he has some people down in San Diego that you might want to talk with and so i said i could do the same and get the info as well.... soooo you should send me the office phone number since I don't know it ha ha, and just see where it goes :)

     Also his buddy Jeff is trying to figure out how to switch his servers over to fiber without having switches and relays. or something like that so maybe we could help them out up in that category in switching to just IP or something? I cant remember everything I told him I was just a installation guy no programming ha ha. its a real shame that they are moving out of the area because they seemed very open and that they wanted to know more because the husband Matt believes that there's a greater power and a true religion out there just a matter of who believes in it and who doesn't.

 the couch we tried to get into the most tight stair well at the move with Shawn, we ended up having to take off the banister it was a pretty tight squeeze.

This ones for James

you know me always looking for a nice car haha