Monday, July 1, 2013

Service in Canada

  So this week we helped two families move, one moved into our ward they are non member and said yes to us coming back they seemed pretty interested because Shawn (the boyfriend) said how awesome it is for two young men to help someone they don't even know or have ever met in their life before. So the lord does soften hearts through service it was awesome. we plan on going back sometime this week to check up on them see how things are settling in.
   Then this other family we helped move out husband and wife. and they pretty much said the same thing about us serving them and not knowing who they are. but funny story so while we were helping move occupations came up and what you did before you came out and so i told them network security at the SDCRAA and he said no way I've been in security like that for years. so he asked like what programs and such or who we deal with and i said Hirsch (Identive) Proximex, Vicon, Nice. and he's dealt with all those programs and so has his friend Jeff that was there helping him move it was pretty awesome! So he said he would give me his information on the 4th because he said he has some people down in San Diego that you might want to talk with and so i said i could do the same and get the info as well.... soooo you should send me the office phone number since I don't know it ha ha, and just see where it goes :)

     Also his buddy Jeff is trying to figure out how to switch his servers over to fiber without having switches and relays. or something like that so maybe we could help them out up in that category in switching to just IP or something? I cant remember everything I told him I was just a installation guy no programming ha ha. its a real shame that they are moving out of the area because they seemed very open and that they wanted to know more because the husband Matt believes that there's a greater power and a true religion out there just a matter of who believes in it and who doesn't.

 the couch we tried to get into the most tight stair well at the move with Shawn, we ended up having to take off the banister it was a pretty tight squeeze.

This ones for James

you know me always looking for a nice car haha

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