Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Packing my things again...... Good ole Transfers

Soooo this week we had  lessons with a less active then we had a lessons with an investigator who wants to be baptized so that he can baptize his daughter by October.... so that's pretty cool! and then we got a call from the assistants telling us to start packing, clean the apartment, car, etc... because were getting purged...... AGAIN! haha soooo who knows why or where I'm going this time haha, but 1 transfer and 2 areas? and I will be getting 5 areas before 1 year!!  this will be a transfer to remember for sure! :) I know these things happen for a reason. All is good, Saturday we did go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders that was fun, we helped a family move and went Zone tracting... sadly didn't find anyone but that's ok.....  Well this day is short, and alot of things to do....... I'll let you know were I am next week, but have feelings this is a good thing.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

First week in Sundance and MacKenzie Wards

Welllll... lets see this week..... has been alright mostly spent cleaning the old apartment still and moving all our stuff over, only reason we have to like super..... super deep clean, it is because the Sisters are moving into it. but on Saturday we did get to personally meet Elder Nelson.... yep shook a member of the quorum of the 12's hand! :) the presence you can feel when you first see him in the room is immense! we also met Bishop Stevenson who's the presiding Bishop, Elder Spackman who's the area 70 in Calgary and Elder Maynes who's is in the presidency of the 70! so yea..... it was pretty exciting. Elder Maynes had a good message, he pretty much asked us if we were living our purpose or just going through the motions of it. then he reassured us that no matter what our weaknesses are whether that be public speaking, or learning, whatever it may be he said that as long as you strive to live your purpose you will be blessed. Then Elder Nelson showed us how to be a real person in a normal street contact... and gave us tips on how to get your foot in the door and that is to simply just state your name and where your from because the people are already staring at you because lets be honest you look like a weird bunch of people.... those were his exact words hahah.... and then he left with giving us an apostolic blessing on if we remain diligent with our studies great work shall come about and you will grow personally more than you ever have.... so I thought that was pretty awesome to hear! very moving and powerful to be in that room. 
Well the new wards are awesome.. a lot younger than Willow Park. but Saturday evening we went to the Erasmus family for dinner and they have 7 kids 1 daughter on a mission... and it felt like home to be honest.... haha kids laughing with mom and dad making fun of each other playing around wrestling... it was nice to feel that again, and they like soccer! :)  I got my new suite and yes I took pictures not to worry. Yes we have a washer and dryer this time.... its so much more convenient.  

Most we have heard about ipads is that rumor has that Edmonton is getting theres next month or 2 so that means we should be getting them soon as well but thats all I know, and currently right now we have 248 missionaries right now with about 110 vehicles.... our mission has the largest fleet out of all the missions. Mom I am eating don't worry lol, and in between church we snack on whats in the house then head over to the other ward! :) I got to see Elder Campbell Saturday at the Nelson meeting and it was so nice to see him again he looks like he's doing well and was excited to see me I felt! :)

Elder Martin in his new suit

St Patricks day tie

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

E.T Elder Martin Covering 2 new Wards

No this does not mean I will be Phoning home...... this means Emergency Transfer! Elder Nilsson and I will be moving to the Sundance, and Mackenzie wards this week, Elder Downing who was originally there had a Companion go home, then Elder Spencer who was in Chaparral and Mindapore  had a companion go home also..... sooo Downing and Spencer got together trying to cover 4 wards and just was not working, and President thinks it would be better if Nilsson and I go there! soooooo CRAZY!!!!

Now how I found all this out... soooo last Monday after Pday we went to a Less active names Wade Cooke, and he was so awesome! one son is into cars the other was in Germany for 3 years playing soccer! it was like Division 1 so pretty good, and he expressed how much he wanted to go to the temple and it was just awesome and i felt like right at home... then Tuesday came along District meetings! Iget up in the morning and on my way to the meeting i got a Text from President asking when and where my meeting was. he said he would be stopping by, and so in the beginning we usually tell about our areas and President was interested to hear about Wade. After the meeting he asked me if he could go with us to the next appointment, we have with him so I said "yea I will set it up" so Friday comes, and we get a ride with the president... turns out wade bailed on us because one of his sons was moving to BC, and he left... so we hopped back into Presidents car, and I asked him "is there anything you know that I could do to help the ward" and then that's where he told me i was going to be transferred into the other wards.......  so in the middle of the week we went tracting, and once again proved it DOESNT WORK! Especially when you do it in the Rich neighborhoods... sooo yea that was the highlights of my week! oh and I asked President if we could still continue the work that we were doing, and he approved it and said yes!!! sooo im way excited about that! and mom the auto shop purchase was me buying a GPS and I pick up my suite today!!! yaaaaay! :)

Sooo Saturday rolled around and it was the zone tracting day.... sooo I put on a smile and grinned through it all... just an example of how tracting still doesn't work..... We met this one guy and it was normal started off by asking if he wanted to help out with a survey asking people about some things going on in the world, and he said "no" so I was like well that's alright, but I do have one question "how do you like BMW you have?" (his garage was open and it was a very nice beamer, so I thought I would ask!) he stared at me for like 30 seconds and was like "look i'm not interested in your stupid survey!!" so i replied simply "i know you don't but you have a nice day anyways" soo after zone tracting our ward had a Culture night going on, the Bishops Son Jonathan Lang worked at the PCC for 5 years (Polynesian Culture Center), and he asked if I wanted to do the HAKA for the opening of the party, I was like sure! and we did it with about 8 other young men, it was pretty awesome, that was such a fun night! other than that everything is going awesome! 

Emailing back and forth with Zach, he will still have his same car, but he and his companion are moving apartments, which he likes. He is still the District leader in the same district and now covering 2 wards plus finishing up some things they were working on in the Willow Park Wards.

Mckenzie Ward.. Same Ward Building as 
Willow Park Ward

Sundance Ward

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2-24-14 and 3-3-14 emails from Elder Martin

Lets see.... sooo this week we had dinner with a part member family last P day, and they were awesome, I would like to try and start teaching the husband because he's pretty much Mormon already, just doesn't want to commit because people want him to be baptized... kinda funny haha, then Wednesday we had an awesome Less active lesson..... the husband has a testimony,  just is crowd shy, he says we are working on that, then Thursday we went on splits with the Elders Quorum and a less active Elder was my companion... and Elder Young who i'm amazing friends with after Airdrie baptized him.......and he's just trying to get things on the right page with work and church, so he's trying! not fully less active but only comes here and there..... Saturday we had the Elders Quorum Curling activity, and that was AWESOME!! we were only allowed to go out on Saturday or Sunday if we had appointments because it was below -40 with the windchill sooo yea that's really the big exciting clumps of my week, the one Elder I went on splits with has a friend who might be ready to teach he says, so i'm excited about that! other than that a lot a street contacting and getting to know the ward, and slowly kicking it forward! 

My District.. Elder Nilsson, Corning, Me, Rasher the zone leader... the other was in another meeting then Sisters Johnson and Doty

Yep purple Ice Cream

 Aquino's and their friend on the far right

Elders Quorum Curling activity

Sizing up were to place the stone

What form

and my point

-13 with windchill of very brrrrrrrr.....

Breakfast of champions Eggs and sirracha sauce


This week wasn't half bad... just got to know the ward a little better the people we went to stop by and teach were not home, so a little bit of a slower week, but not to worry, we have a good amount of members..... We have I think about 190ish give or take a few families. Also, mom we have enough youth here to do sacrament, in Taber I had to do it a couple of times... and haven't given to many blessings probably about 10? except on Saturday I was on Exchanges with The Zone Leader Elder Rasher... I came out with him, and he's been going through a lot of like chest pain stuff... the doctors don't exactly know whats up and he woke up  from out lunch time nap and was like "martin I need a blessing now!" it was pretty scary because he thought he was having a heart attack because his body shows all the signs for it, but the Dr's say he is fine... so that was scary. my companion he is from Nova Scotia Named Elder Nilsson and is very very quiet... shy... but has a great personality and is funny when you get to know him, and he's comfortable with you, he has 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters... and was a blacksmith back at home just for fun. We just found out that out bishops brother was just taken off life support so that's sad :( but this ward is awesome im excited to be here!

I guess my baptism in Taber went through as well! so that's way exciting. the gym thing we have is enough to do what I would like so that's alright. and the Zone leaders are Rasher and Shaw... I came out with Rasher he is awesome and Shaw is 1 transfer younger than me, very young leadership so weird haha but I love them both and get along great! and I love being in Presidents ward is weird, but he and I will become best friends!

Browning Air freshener for our car

My new Towel.....

Bow River