Tuesday, March 18, 2014

First week in Sundance and MacKenzie Wards

Welllll... lets see this week..... has been alright mostly spent cleaning the old apartment still and moving all our stuff over, only reason we have to like super..... super deep clean, it is because the Sisters are moving into it. but on Saturday we did get to personally meet Elder Nelson.... yep shook a member of the quorum of the 12's hand! :) the presence you can feel when you first see him in the room is immense! we also met Bishop Stevenson who's the presiding Bishop, Elder Spackman who's the area 70 in Calgary and Elder Maynes who's is in the presidency of the 70! so yea..... it was pretty exciting. Elder Maynes had a good message, he pretty much asked us if we were living our purpose or just going through the motions of it. then he reassured us that no matter what our weaknesses are whether that be public speaking, or learning, whatever it may be he said that as long as you strive to live your purpose you will be blessed. Then Elder Nelson showed us how to be a real person in a normal street contact... and gave us tips on how to get your foot in the door and that is to simply just state your name and where your from because the people are already staring at you because lets be honest you look like a weird bunch of people.... those were his exact words hahah.... and then he left with giving us an apostolic blessing on if we remain diligent with our studies great work shall come about and you will grow personally more than you ever have.... so I thought that was pretty awesome to hear! very moving and powerful to be in that room. 
Well the new wards are awesome.. a lot younger than Willow Park. but Saturday evening we went to the Erasmus family for dinner and they have 7 kids 1 daughter on a mission... and it felt like home to be honest.... haha kids laughing with mom and dad making fun of each other playing around wrestling... it was nice to feel that again, and they like soccer! :)  I got my new suite and yes I took pictures not to worry. Yes we have a washer and dryer this time.... its so much more convenient.  

Most we have heard about ipads is that rumor has that Edmonton is getting theres next month or 2 so that means we should be getting them soon as well but thats all I know, and currently right now we have 248 missionaries right now with about 110 vehicles.... our mission has the largest fleet out of all the missions. Mom I am eating don't worry lol, and in between church we snack on whats in the house then head over to the other ward! :) I got to see Elder Campbell Saturday at the Nelson meeting and it was so nice to see him again he looks like he's doing well and was excited to see me I felt! :)

Elder Martin in his new suit

St Patricks day tie

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