Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1-28-14 post

Cool Owl

My week we went on exchanges and had interviews with President! first off exchanges were AWESOME.. Elder King and I are going to have an AWESOME time when I get home from the mission... he lives in New River AZ sooo Phoenix area about 5 hours from our house... we contacted a referral and taught the first lesson right there on the door step! set up a return appointment and everything! her names Melissa Carol.. well we went to the follow up and she "wasn't there" soo we will keep on trying to get back in, but it seemed like she was very interested! but that exchange was one of the first times I felt almost 100% comfortable talking to a random person on the door step! being able to trust in my companion who can pick up where I leave off and where I can follow up after what he says! it was sooo sweet! Also had some discussions with some less active members that seemed to go well.... then interviews went well as always and then President asked if i had any questions for him and I was like yea.. just one "what color are you going to paint that 52 Chev" and he's like well Elder Martin what color would you paint it... so I told him "President I will be totally honest i'm a fan of Black and Red, but your wife tells me you would like yellow, and I have seen some really gorgeous Metallic yellow 52 Chev's" and he replied what do you think about Camaro yellow? I told him that it would be a perfect color then back it up with some Glossy black rims! That was possibly the most awesome interview with president ever! haha

Last night we went to the Harris' and played with the Chinchilla! those things are awesome! possibly the only rodent i would have haha.. soft cute and not noisy! other than that this week was just fabulous! love you lots! :)
also found this awesome owl!

Jan 21 2014 email

Well this was a fun week.... I have worn a short sleeve shirt for the past week! feels so nice, no idea when the next storm is coming in, but there's suppose to be one people say. We were able to meet with Bruce and commit him to continue reading the book of Mormon and to pray about it.... and pray in daily life! he seemed really interested and sincere so i hope things go well! We went out to Vauxhall again this week and contacted with a Part member family didn't get to meet him but his wife told us a little about him, names Duane Mills and is a HUGE gear head.... like James only worse.. he has like 18 car projects just sitting there so we will be getting back out there to talk with him! then we headed out to scandia to talk with a cool family that likes us... they are members and his niece was there... well turns out she's a Jehovah Witness and shes on her "mission" its 3 years... and it made me laugh when she said they have very little time to do what they want so they squeeze in family visits when they can, then she said "but that's ok were going down to Mexico next week" makes a whole lot of sense to me... oh well haha. they left, and we ended up staying and having dinner out there that was nice! Later on in the week we went to stop by our polish investigator, and he answers the door in his underwear haha.... I couldn't tell if he was drunk or really really tired, so we told him we would come by later... was an interesting week haha. Vauxhall is a fun place to drive around... the district is settling in well... possibly one of the most fun districts i've served around, the greenie is pretty funny (Elder Pitts) and his companion elder king is SWEET! I swear its like he and I were like best of friends somewhere else but never crossed paths it was just bound to happen he got transferred here, he lives in... Arizona only 5 hours away in a small town called New River. Elder Ciminski is fun and hilarious as always! and we are doing great together.

Elder Martin

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 Weather up here wasn't to bad.. short sleeves it was nice to feel sun hah,
 even though it snowed all day yesterday it was only -1C. Southern Alberta
 has the worst Weather Predictions oh well.

 Well this week we were able to Get with Tom to just go over the
 Introduction to the Book of Mormon and he did say he was going to read it
 so we will be meeting with him again soon. Bishop thinks its going to be a
                        long process because of the situations he's going through.... so that's that...                       his  kids have shown interest in learning as well we are getting them a few
 more Polish copies so its pretty exciting. We also have had a good amount
 of Less active work this week and Setting up Youth lessons that the bishop
 has asked us to do. We are working on a Strengthen the Youth type program
 at church because they are having a hard time with like scouts and such so
 that should be fun! And then service as usual.. .taking down Lights
 shoveling snow.... typical Canadian stuff haha  we helped Julie and
 Sterling upstairs remove their counter tops and sink... they are a big
 D.I.Y family :)

Ghost Town of Retlaw we came through on our way back from Vauxhall

Elder King Elder Ciminski and Elder Pitts

Elder Ciminski and I

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Companion in Taber....

So don't have any pictures with the companion,(lol Zach didn't tell us his name) but he is from Arizona a little town called Eager, he's the 2nd oldest of 3 boys so that's pretty cool :) Then Elder King and Pitts (green!) are in Barnwell and Sister Martin, and Mortensen is in 1st and 3rd ward.... yes the Same Mortensen who was in Airdrie and apparently I have a long lost sister! haha we were able to meet with the a Family who wants to make it to the temple so we will be helping them with that... it is such an awesome household!

Then were trying to get a lot of member lessons going and then Bishop called us and said that his polish friend Tom was ready for a Book of Mormon! so we went over and gave it to him, and he said he would read it in 1 or 2 days and then we can talk with him or teach him in this case!.... and were just like 2 days? the whole thing? and he's like yea! were shocked with that, but he says its because he wants to change! so that's great! Im excited...... other than that it got cold again only -30 just a light jacket was needed hah :)    But its going to be an awesome transfer I'm excited!.... have a great week! love ya!

Last Picture with Elder Campbell and Elder Martin

Suds in toilet after kids upstairs poured big bottle off bubbles in the plumbing upstairs