Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 Weather up here wasn't to bad.. short sleeves it was nice to feel sun hah,
 even though it snowed all day yesterday it was only -1C. Southern Alberta
 has the worst Weather Predictions oh well.

 Well this week we were able to Get with Tom to just go over the
 Introduction to the Book of Mormon and he did say he was going to read it
 so we will be meeting with him again soon. Bishop thinks its going to be a
                        long process because of the situations he's going through.... so that's that...                       his  kids have shown interest in learning as well we are getting them a few
 more Polish copies so its pretty exciting. We also have had a good amount
 of Less active work this week and Setting up Youth lessons that the bishop
 has asked us to do. We are working on a Strengthen the Youth type program
 at church because they are having a hard time with like scouts and such so
 that should be fun! And then service as usual.. .taking down Lights
 shoveling snow.... typical Canadian stuff haha  we helped Julie and
 Sterling upstairs remove their counter tops and sink... they are a big
 D.I.Y family :)

Ghost Town of Retlaw we came through on our way back from Vauxhall

Elder King Elder Ciminski and Elder Pitts

Elder Ciminski and I

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