Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7th email

Well this week was pretty good I might say..... started off with getting a sweet new shirt from Calvin Kline originally 80 got it for 30! then on Tuesday Canada Day we had some District meetings and then went to a lunch at the Beatties house, there was about 5 other Families there and we just hung out played some Frisbee and what not, then this one family's some the Trims pulled out this thing called the Phantom.. its a remote controlled helicopter that has a HD camera on it linked to your cell phone! its pretty cool...then had dinner with an awesome family, the Villas. Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with our less active friend Bro Perry who has been coming back to church lately......Then on Thursday Elder Shaw turned 1 whole year! yaaaay ha ha, then we had our baptism interview for Holly and had a lesson later with the other family who's son is getting baptized, which takes us to Friday July 4th! where I spent 6 hours in a Mission Leadership Council discussing the needs of the mission, we then had a sweet lesson with another less active  who wants to get active again so he can baptize his son next year! he is So awesome! We invited him to the Saturday Pancake breakfast and he came! then he came to church on Sunday too! now on to Saturday Had a Pancake breakfast in the morning, right after that went to Holly's Baptism it was awesome! she was so thrilled you could just feel it....
after that we went back out to the Beatties to "celebrate" our 4th! and burn elder Shaw's 1 year shirt.... well I was lame and forgot my camera but that's OK were doing more this week! :) but lets just say that Gas soaked white shirt.... in a potato cannon = BALL OF FIRE!!! possibly the most amazing thing ever!  and then we come to Sunday when Aron came to church! and Holly Bore her Testimony! pretty much a sweet week! :) 

Holly's Baptism 

burning stuff with a huge magnifying class.... also at the Beatties!

Soaking in that Vitamin D

Canada day cake at Villas!

June 30th post

 soooo my week was not to bad we had 2 lessons with holly, she is now ready to be baptized on the 5th..... then we met with this other family whose 9 year old isn't baptized yet, so we will be getting him ready to baptize on the 26th.... then we laid some Sod for our Elders quorum president on Saturday, then went and hung drywall for this part member family for 4 hours..... that was tiring, ha ha..... then Sunday I gave a talk on Joseph Smith and the Importance of him being a prophet for the Restoration of the Church It seemed to go very well, Also met with two less active families this week, and then saw them at church so that was fun! :) also the non member who we helped drywall came to church and another less active we haven't seen for a while did as well! sooo that was pretty cool and my week! :P

Elder Larsen Getting Transferred 

Elder Day going home :(

Sharing good Gospel downtown

June 23rd post

Well this week was busy with all that fun Zone Leader stuff.... Monday we went to District meetings then after that we taught Holly commandments, Then Tuesday was Pday, and Wednesday TRANSFERS! We got there at 8:00 and left at 11:00 then went to the Mall ate lunch. shopped for the New greenie, took Elder Eastes with us because he was waiting for his companion to come up from the south, went home got some groceries, went back to transfers at 3 got back at 5:30 ate some dinner real quick then went to a meeting back in Calgary for training on the Ward Mission Leaders and the Idaho Initiative.... Heard of it? all in all it turned out to be an 18 hour day! it was insane.... then Thursday we Weekly planned and that took most of the day because we had to figure out the new zone stuff... Friday we had a Special Leadership training meeting on how to be an effective leader/ know what the missions doing type thing... then we left and got mail, then had to get our oil changed didn't get back to Airdrie till 5 then either.... and Saturday we FINALLY got out to find people, all in about 2 hours we placed 4 Copies of the Book of Mormon and had probably 5-6 good gospel talks with people so that was a sweet day! Then Sunday we had a linger longer after church and now that brings me to my day today! :)

June 17th post

Well once again not a super whole lot of stuff to report on.... Yesterday we met with our gator (investigator) Holly, she is 12 and is a Foster Child living with the Stephenson family right now, taught her the Plan of Salvation and Gospel! shes awesome, and she already has a testimony of fasting! She and her family fasted for her social worker to allow her to take the Missionary Lessons and get Baptized, so that's how were meeting with her! Baptism date on July 5th, that's always fun :)
all of our stop by's, we have been making nobody is home and all of out other gators, we cant catch anymore, but we have Chris who is interested still, who is a friend of the Hudson family, hes 16-17 and tells them he will be coming to church this sunday so thats exciting! hopefully we can meet with him this week. See the problem with the Youth is that school is just getting finished and its Finals and all that so they are really busy..... so its kinda understandable.

Then we had dinner with the Ober Family this week whos an awesome family, really young couple... , then we also ate with this other sweet family the Villas... they are just awesome and fun! but that was my week.... oh and I guess an important thing is that SHAW AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER!!! 

this is Elder Larsen and I sharing a cinnamon bun! haha

Double Rainbow

June 9th Pictures

Car ride to Drumheller With Mandarin Elders

Biggest TREX in the world!

Atop of said TREX

Elder Shaw, Abunawara, Chronis! (the Mandarins!)

The Hoodoos!

The Zone!

ok this is a schwarma

Grass Service Project (before Picture)... he didn't give us a after shot.