Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Investigator for Taber Elders

Well this week has been pretty good I guess considering that we picked up a NEW INVESTIGATOR! His name is Earl Young and is possibly the most cool person that I have talked with in a while, he should be living in Texas if you ask me haha. He was an investigator in 2011 and the missionaries stopped teaching him then we came and picked him back up! He has a great knowledge of the gospel, he is a "devout catholic" but no longer attends church for what he found out about the catholic church. His wife has passed away and he has a super awesome black fluffy dog! And he has been reading the Book of Mormon on his own these past 2 years, he is only in Alma but he is still pressing through it. So that's all about Earl.

Also we met a new family who came here from Poland and came to the Elders Quorum Shooting activity (I was obedient and didn't shoot a gun. Even though I felt like a smoker trying to quit smoking while standing in a room full of smokers!) But this non member randomly asked us when church starts on Sunday and we told him and he said he would show up, so we arranged splits so Elder Campbell went to Vauxhall and I waited for the non member, sadly he didn't show up, but that's OK I'm sure it was because of the game because he too is a huge Man-U fan! So hoping for next week!

Then we were able to attend the Child of Record baptism that was cool. Any baptism is cool if you ask me though. But then... just yesterday we walked into a members house to teach her son who's about to turn 12 the priesthood, she starts off by giving us a referral and we didn't even have to ask! So that was awesome, She is very missionary minded seeing how she was a convert about 13 years ago. So that's way exciting! And her son honestly reminds me of myself when I was a deacon. He went on the Crypt Lake Hike with us and he just trucked along, reminded me when I went on Mt. San Jacinto!

As well as getting to Vauxhall, yes we did. There isn't as much potential out there as there is in Taber, but we are going there tonight for a talent show and pot luck. Still very small town but we will keep on trying to get teaching out there!

The Zone leaders in my area now are cool! Elder Young is from New Mexico and Elder Heath is from England! So he's pretty chill. And yes we got a chance to play Nerf this week and it was awesome! The sniper was pretty rad as well! All in all it was a pretty good week I think! I hope everything at the airport has gotten a little more calm and relaxed!

Thanks for all the support and love!
Elder Martin

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vauxhall Ward this last week

Alright for starters, thanks for sending the card :) second just call or ask dad/James to help with the ipod :) and third what pictures to print off.... just ones of family,friends,pets, the home, like the picture of Moroni/backyard/ house :) and then like the whole process of my car in the shop like before/during/and after pictures :) because on the ipod you cant really tell what happened and I've had people want to see more pictures of my car, like my stake mission leader for instance because he has a 1970 challenger its pretty sick!. And those Missionary lines are so true! I've lived them all so far that I can remember :) for us to live we get 200$ US so that's like 197$ canadian things are a little more expensive up here there's a lot of import and such. We pretty much have a dinner every night out here. bishops a funny guy, he said there's no reason that this ward shouldn't be able to feed us every night, and so they started stepping up. We have been to Vauxhall twice, first time none of our potential investigators was home, then just last night we went to the ward mission leaders house and ate with him and was introduced to the ward list essentially haha, we just went over it, got a couple of names that should turn out to be promising so we are going to get out there some time this week :) Campbell is getting better, seeing how mission really is and starting to become less green, I swear the MTC brain washes you haha. I will send pictures here in a bit :) Moms email

 Taber is still slow, No Less actives really want us or have time they say, all the members that we talk with either let us in to chat for a little bit or don't even invite us into the door, but that's ok because we got out to Vauxhall this week and have a good list of names, we met with the Ward mission leader and he encouraged us to meet with about 4 families who have had some really promising potential the last few missionaries, so i'm excited to get teaching out there.
We get Taco time every Tuesday for taco Tuesday! and yes we have a car that we have been told to just drive, they haven't given us a Clique allotment yet, president just told us to drive.

This week we finished up teaching a less active families daughter about being baptized and her date is on the 21st of this month, but its a child of record because shes still only 8 but thats ok still another person in the water :) 

P-Day we didn't do anything because we went on the hike on Saturday with the Ward, so we had to sacrifice p-day, but this p-day we plan on going into Lethbridge to play with Nerf guns, that seems to be pretty popular out in the mission here ,so I got myself a big ol sniper nerf gun haha, last night for dinner we had some Venison, and the other night we had some Navajo tacos, so pretty much like a doughy pastry/deep fried tortilla tostada is what they are, those were pretty delicious.

And I have plenty of people emailing me, pretty much all my friends and bishop and such so its awesome to open the email and see like 17 unread messages haha.  Well love ya dad!
Dads Email

I Asked Elder Martin a few things, and how he was doing on his mission and of course the miles thing with his car, and this is his response " yea i'm loving every minute of it, and President Nicholas is more concerned about the people then the miles it seems."

Pictures of Ward Waterton Crystal Lake Hike

we had to crawl through this cave and then hug the side of the the mountain haha

Elder Campbell

Elder Martin & Elder Campbell

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Covering Taber 2nd and Vauxhall Wards

Elder Martin and Elder Campbell at Dinner appointment
with the Hansen Family in the Taber 2nd Ward.

Alrighty so apparently up here in Taber there is no library so... we have to use the Stake centers Family History Center on Tuesday because they have no schedules for people to come in and work here on Mondays, soooo Tuesdays are my new emailing day! and they should be around 1 o'clock usually, I'm in Taber 2nd Ward and we also cover the Ward way out in this little  town called Vauxhall, haven't been out there yet haha, we will try and get the missionary work fired up out there! i'm excited for it. We live in the basement of a younger couple about 26, brother and sister Wallace, they have 2 kids Ruby and Ames, their sweet! and they have treated us well, as did the ward, I got up and bore my testimony Sunday to introduce myself to the ward it was pretty sweet. My new companion is from Boulder City Nevada and his names Elder Campbell, he's quiet for the time being haha,  being green and all, but is a good kid. seems excited to be out here! and says he is a hard worker so I'm looking forward to serving with him, I live on 56 ave 53 street across the street from the elementary school, and that Taco Time and DQ that you saw dad is where 4 other elders live in the basement of those apartments, so we are all close by, and yes that's right, 6 elders in this tiny little town. should be interesting. we have a car, and the 6 of us are in the same district so its pretty sweet, no new pictures yet but I defiantly will through this week and next! Also the President has asked us to use the church building for emails on Tuesdays, so that is what we will be doing.

 thanks for all the support!

Elder Martin