Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Investigator for Taber Elders

Well this week has been pretty good I guess considering that we picked up a NEW INVESTIGATOR! His name is Earl Young and is possibly the most cool person that I have talked with in a while, he should be living in Texas if you ask me haha. He was an investigator in 2011 and the missionaries stopped teaching him then we came and picked him back up! He has a great knowledge of the gospel, he is a "devout catholic" but no longer attends church for what he found out about the catholic church. His wife has passed away and he has a super awesome black fluffy dog! And he has been reading the Book of Mormon on his own these past 2 years, he is only in Alma but he is still pressing through it. So that's all about Earl.

Also we met a new family who came here from Poland and came to the Elders Quorum Shooting activity (I was obedient and didn't shoot a gun. Even though I felt like a smoker trying to quit smoking while standing in a room full of smokers!) But this non member randomly asked us when church starts on Sunday and we told him and he said he would show up, so we arranged splits so Elder Campbell went to Vauxhall and I waited for the non member, sadly he didn't show up, but that's OK I'm sure it was because of the game because he too is a huge Man-U fan! So hoping for next week!

Then we were able to attend the Child of Record baptism that was cool. Any baptism is cool if you ask me though. But then... just yesterday we walked into a members house to teach her son who's about to turn 12 the priesthood, she starts off by giving us a referral and we didn't even have to ask! So that was awesome, She is very missionary minded seeing how she was a convert about 13 years ago. So that's way exciting! And her son honestly reminds me of myself when I was a deacon. He went on the Crypt Lake Hike with us and he just trucked along, reminded me when I went on Mt. San Jacinto!

As well as getting to Vauxhall, yes we did. There isn't as much potential out there as there is in Taber, but we are going there tonight for a talent show and pot luck. Still very small town but we will keep on trying to get teaching out there!

The Zone leaders in my area now are cool! Elder Young is from New Mexico and Elder Heath is from England! So he's pretty chill. And yes we got a chance to play Nerf this week and it was awesome! The sniper was pretty rad as well! All in all it was a pretty good week I think! I hope everything at the airport has gotten a little more calm and relaxed!

Thanks for all the support and love!
Elder Martin

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