Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wood flooring install in our base

Haven't gotten that referral yet, were trying to go over when we have her member friend with us on Thursday, and we met with one of our investigators and talked about Testimony, that seemed to perk his interest but sadly he said he wasn't getting baptized the first time we met, but he is one awesome dude! so were not giving up that easy haha, were trying to go over when we have a member friend with us on Thursday, Last night we set up a dinner with a family on Friday who will be inviting one of their daughters friends over to hear the lesson! so that's going to be pretty exciting :) Normal  food this week, went to Boston Pizza on one night with the members up stairs to get some Artichoke dip, after we finished installing the wood flooring in our basement. Our Shower head leaked and flooded into the kitchen so that was some fun. The members up stairs are so sick! Its like I'm living with James and Hattie it seems like haha. 

As the winter goes again its getting slightly chilly here but nothing for a coat yet, I have a schedule to go to Sports Check next week, and I think I'm just going to pick up another snowboarding jacket because those seem the best from what people are telling us and another pair of boarding gloves! so I'm excited for that haha

And I heard all the bad news this week from our one awesome member, he brought me down to his level of depression, he thought someone else needs to join me in misery so he said I'm texting you that Manchester United  lost haha he's, a funny guy, I think you two would get a long great! Well I will email you later on! Have a good one love ya dad thanks for all the support and prayers!
Elder Martin
 Elder Martin

Home on the way to Vauxhall

Elder Campbell and Elder Martin

Elders Bonham and Mackey

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