Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Magrath 1-26-2015

Well My week was pretty good I suppose haha, we did have zone conference so that was nice, Elder Keith got approved for Facebook from President so that's cool. and we have been teaching a good chunk of less actives... had some Investigator lessons set up on Saturday but they were both no shows.... slightly depressing haha, were still organizing the other side of the stake and trying to figure out how the works going to be able to get done... and find and pick up those who the sisters were working with.... We attend usually 3 wards on Sundays... then on the following week switch and on occasion we try to get out to Welling, Del Bonita, and Spring Coulee on the other Sundays. were fed every night which is sweet.... going to have to stay fit though! haha, Ya.... it was cool to see Connie's Niece, finally got to meet someone who knows people back home! It's cool haha.... Today for p-day were all meeting in Cardston, the whole zone should be there so that will make things fun :) other than that, life is good.... as far as living, no we dont have or own space... except our bedroom... were on the look out for an apartment, we have permission from the mission housing coordinator to start the paperwork so were excited haha. But life's great! :)


Roads around Magrath pretty hard on Cars.... Hard to keep 

home made Funnel cake at Brother 
Abe Wolvers Jr

Magrath Transfer Jan 19 2015

Well, first couple of days in Magrath haven't been so bad! haha.... I thought Taber was small, well Magrath has about 2,500 people in it! and its a stake and were covering the whole thing! That's pretty crazy. We have a little Subaru Impreza.... hopefully it holds up haha they are just so cheap and the roads out here are horrible. I live with Elder Keith my Comp and the Spackmans.... also a cat named Lucy and a dog named Heidi :) still have a place to do laundry so that's nice... and they do stock the fridge so I shouldn't have to spend to much money! :) they are really nice people, brother spackman is in the Scouts Canada board so he is a fun guy to talk with.... we have a lot of less active work to do, and organizing since the sisters just left and we are taking their area... were looking for investigators right now haha, i think there is like 10 non-members here it seems like, so this is going to be fun! I do like small towns! I'm sure I forgot information.... sorry but it's going to be a fun transfer! 
Also thought i would let you know i bought work out bands called TRX since weight sets are not allowed anymore... don't know why i didn't buy them earlier but they are awesome... they were 90$ but they do help! gotta stay in shape! :)

He said he gathered a crowd.....lol

His Chinese Elders Elder Chronis and Abunuwara from his
last Zone in Calgary

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First post for 2015

Elder Martin's Latest Email...... I think DTM is District Training Meeting for those interested.....lol

Well this week was interesting..... Monday was the usual P-day and Tuesday with DTM then we went to High River for a DTM and THEN in the evening i got to see Kevin the RC.... he has been super busy and hasn't been going to church much, the ward is working with him but it was so great to sit and chat with him, were still great friends. Wednesday we were Downtown until dinner and then came in early for New Years Eve and all that shenanigans haha, Elder Smith and I played some Intense rounds of chess! On Thursday we had a move to do... it was cold ha like -15C yippee! then we had to drive all over the zone to get Car gas information because on Friday we drove alllll the way down to Lethbridge for some Mission Leadership Council! :D i love driving a good distance! on the way back we got caught in the middle of a snow storm.... the wind and snow was awful i felt like i was in the millennial falcon going into light speed haha. slowest i hit was 40k soooo we were crawling but we made it to Okotoks just in time for elder smith to do a baptism interview For Larry who got baptized on Sunday!!!! it was the coolest baptism ever, we filled up the chapel! Truly amazing stuff. Larry's family was baptized 6 years ago and he said he would support but never join... well now he joined, his son who is leaving on his mission in 9 days baptized him, and will confirm him next week! also he will be serving in Ventura California.

As far as Elder Smith and i are, were plugging along... searching/cleaning up our area book and are trying to find investigators, but 1 member says he has someone in the works to meet with us, now its only a matter of time! so were excited!! but ya that's my week! :) Love you!!

Elder Smith and Martin

Getting ready to take Elder Lloyd to Mission home so 
he can go home

Christmas present from Daniel 

Have too love the Beard calendar 

Ice Sculpture


Martin and Smith..... who knows

These pictures courtesy of  Sister Cheyenne Mortensen that Elder Martin just sent her that was taken last February..... obviously he thought he looked pretty good in her hoodie  lol