Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Magrath Transfer Jan 19 2015

Well, first couple of days in Magrath haven't been so bad! haha.... I thought Taber was small, well Magrath has about 2,500 people in it! and its a stake and were covering the whole thing! That's pretty crazy. We have a little Subaru Impreza.... hopefully it holds up haha they are just so cheap and the roads out here are horrible. I live with Elder Keith my Comp and the Spackmans.... also a cat named Lucy and a dog named Heidi :) still have a place to do laundry so that's nice... and they do stock the fridge so I shouldn't have to spend to much money! :) they are really nice people, brother spackman is in the Scouts Canada board so he is a fun guy to talk with.... we have a lot of less active work to do, and organizing since the sisters just left and we are taking their area... were looking for investigators right now haha, i think there is like 10 non-members here it seems like, so this is going to be fun! I do like small towns! I'm sure I forgot information.... sorry but it's going to be a fun transfer! 
Also thought i would let you know i bought work out bands called TRX since weight sets are not allowed anymore... don't know why i didn't buy them earlier but they are awesome... they were 90$ but they do help! gotta stay in shape! :)

He said he gathered a crowd.....lol

His Chinese Elders Elder Chronis and Abunuwara from his
last Zone in Calgary

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