Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9 2015

Alrighty!! Another week in Magrath down and over. This week was pretty good, we went to the Temple on Wednesday with a returning less active that was pretty amazing! He did some baptisms for the dead :) then the other days were back to the grind and normal, finding/teaching days and then Saturday we did some service at the Evans house... who are pretty much like our family in Magrath for Keith and i, they are awesome. Anyways we had some pretty awful wind and it blew down a tree.... so I hopped on a chainsaw and went to town! still more to do, but it's a start... then Sunday elder Keith and i both gave talks in the Spring Coulee branch.... they went well we both thought, at least that's what the members told us haha. But that was about all, to be honest, this week, Temple was the Highlight... cool fact about that temple, so Elder Chronis my main mandarin missionary homie, his Great Great grandfather painted the Murals in the temple! and man were they amazing! :) so that was a cool sight to see!
Also sometime this week we were out cruising through the back country and came upon this old abandoned house, so we went to investigate.... we ended up seeing an owl and got some sick pictures :) Also President called because I asked if I could teach Jonathan to Prep him for his mission I guess, and I got permission! :) but it was funny because on the phone call he asked what are you doing? "I replied were on a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere, looking for dinner," and he was like "well Elder whatever you do try not to shoot it, run it over, or pick it up on the side of the road" haha we had a chuckle over that one... WELLLLLL that was my week! love ya bunches!
also found this dead deer :P gotta love the great old outdoors!

Elder's Martin and Keith


Cardston Temple

Elder Martin @ Cardston Temple

Dead Deer.....