Thursday, August 7, 2014

8-5-2014 New area in southern Calgary down through High River

Alright time for all the glorious information you have been waiting for! I'm in the Foot Hills Area serving with Elder Bjarnson, still have a Chevy Cruz but this month we have had our drive allotment cut by 75% because were doing WALK AND TALK AUGUST! it is our goal to talk to 1 MILLION people!!! so as an entire mission we are trying to do this by the end of August, in accordance to this we have started reading the Book Of Mormon all together as a mission from the beginning and we should have it done in 3 months time! I'm excited.... we live in an apartment with the Spanish missionaries Elder Jones and Elder Farnsworth all 3 of them are from Utah but its really cool living with other elders ha ha!  Actually funny story,  Elder Farnsworth was a greenie 6 weeks ago and I was sitting at transfer and he turns around and asks me "are you Elder Martin?" and so I looked stupidly at my name take and was like "yea?" and his reply was "I've read your blog! its so cool that I get to meet you" and now I'm living with him... small world hah.

So a little about elder Bjarnson, he is from Tocqueville Utah comes from a family of 6 he is the oldest, also fun fact he is a Magician, so I plan on learning some sweet tricks! He also sleep walks hahah... its pretty funny, and cool. First night he was brushing his teeth and something else.. doesn't really wake me up so it doesn't bother me.

I'm serving in the Spruce Meadows YSA ward... little different from a family ward.. Fast and Testimony meeting was different needless to say lol. other than that this is an awesome area! Its the biggest zone in the mission with 28 missionaries and yes I'm still a Zone Leader haha so this should be exciting!

Elder Bjarnson and Elder Martin I assume 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Elder Martin July 29th email.....Transfer

So this week was an exciting start after Pday.... we had an awesome morning with finding out that we got broken into! yaaay for jerks, Elder Shaw and I hop in and he looks for his sun glasses and he cant find them then I look in the Center console and my ipods aren't there! sooo thats a little annoying but then the week got better we were able to teach our 9 year old the rest of the lessons so he could be Baptized on saturday. also we were able to Volunteer at the Airdrie Games, its like an Olympic tournament for the youth... that was fun, we helped feed them and take out trash....
Then we also were able to teach Aaron our less active.... hes working on getting to the temple again! so thats super exciting.. he also served in the ventura California mission, so we were pretty good friends and now I find out that I'm getting transferred out of Airdrie... I'm staying somewhere in the north part of the mission though! so thats somewhat exciting! :) and that ladies and gents was my week!

Elder Martin's Baptism

Elder Martin and Shaw

You got this Elder Martin

Elder Martin July 21 2014 Email

Sooo this week was alright, taught less active because our investigator was out of town, they both came to church on sunday so that was awesome! went downtown to calgary again this week, that place is pretty busy and people are just so rude hah... and they all break the word of wisdom and smell like smoke yuck! all of British Columbia seems to be on fire, and so is alberta! I feel like i'm back in california hah, we also has some crazy hail storm! it was awesome haha! also did some service building/leveling a stone path! thats always exciting,

Just need some snowcone flavoring

July 14 Elder Martin Letter

This week was just OK....we had 2 investigator appointments fall through, and when we would return to our potential investigators, no answers... but we did teach Bro Perry who's less active this week and he was at church on Sunday so that was awesome, we did some service in his front yard too! also taught Aaron Smith who is another Less Active he seems to still be progressing! and then we taught Kylar who will be getting baptized on the 26th! :) if anything else crosses my mind i will let you guys know! :) love ya both! :D

Bathtub racer

I think the Picture explains it all