Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Something new in Taber

Dad I wish I had some AMAZING missionary conversion stories to tell you but as of now I don't, sadly. We are focusing on Less Actives in the ward. Seeing how we have 83 family names and that's not including all the kids and such. We are also setting up Family Mission Plans with the Members as well and those are going well. We kinda train them pretty much on how to plan for missionary opportunities. It's cool. They seem to like it and every time we present one the spirit is always strong and adding to our testimonies. We did meet with an older Gentlemen who's in a retirement home. He is a member and is a character. He loves to talk and share stories of his life and his mission in Australia. He is the Oldest of 14 kids and made the joke of why his family is so big. He said its because "the train would come by the house at 5 in the morning and wake up mom and dad and well it was too early to get up but too late to go back to bed!" hahahaha. Elder Campbell and I just busted up laughing. I mean this guy is a riot. He's pretty bummed he's in the retirement home though. He said that he is to young to be here but to old to take care of himself haha. He then proceeded to give us a Canadian 2 dollar bill, they aren't made anymore so that was really awesome of him!

Well time for the biggest news this week. Last night I got a call from President and he said that things are changing in Taber. It's becoming it's own district, and then asked if I could be the new District Leader! Sooo yup I got a leadership position now. CRAZY! only 4  months out. Looking forward to it though! Other than that theres not a whole lot more to report on other than P-day is just Nerf and basketball and volleyball so not to bad. Nerf gets a little crazy haha. Makes you feel like a little kid again!

Well love ya dad hope you had an awesome birthday!

Elder Martin

HIIIII MOM!! So I'm a little disappointed I tried so hard to find you in conference but I didn't see any Elder Martin signs or Mommy loves ya baby! Like what's up with that!? Well I hope conference went well for you :) What session did you go to? How was Utah? and everyone up there? Hope the drive went well and quick. haha Should have been with poppy driving! Ummm yes I'm getting fed, yes I'm staying warm haha other than that have a wonderful day mom! Love yous! Elder Martin


Our Pizza from Papa Johns half price since Payton Manning
had 51 points for the Broncos

Our District before transfers this week

Taber Chapel 

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