Wednesday, October 30, 2013

First Snow

So today's email will be combined for mom and dad! :) So just to let you BOTH know i have my winter jacket and gloves, and i'm warm and fine, and i'm very confident in my driving ability thank you :) (not trying to sound Cocky) but i'm no idiot driver haha, James Taught me well! haha :) 

As for me out here in Taber Alberta haha, it has gotten a bit cold you could say :) it snowed for a day and its still melting off today as we speak, Elder Campbell thought it was AWESOME seeing how he doesn't get that in Vegas, also thought it was funny when he could see his breath in the car, he's a funny kid but an AMAZING baker might i add, he made home made bread and cookies that were to die for! Our Gun nut is doing well as far as i'm concerned we saw him last night at the Halloween Carnival we had, and that turned out to be awesome! and i've gotten all my cold gear but hasn't been cold enough just 12 degrees, yes that's in Fahrenheit i love the cold up here! because my body is always naturally hot so it feels amazing :) i went to my haircut on monday in shorts and a t shirt haha even the canadiens thought i was crazy, i go to a members home by the way to get it cut haha..

Our investigator who doesn't like church but loves us Mormons finished the book of Mormon, and all he could say was that it was a violent book, so we will be meeting with him again to talk about how he was feeling about the whole book in a lump sum. Hopefully something comes from it! 
Also Mother Elder Mackey has requested a box of twinkies haha funny kid.

 Halloween!! Grrr we have to be in by 6 and were not allowed to hang out with members, and yes it happens up here too. but thats ok seeing how theres 6 elders out here we can hang out with so thats great! As for my contacts yea i guess he changed them, whatever fine with me! i cant wait for my package its going to be so awesome when i get it! Other than that we are all doing super awesome out here! i grow a love for the mission more and more each day! :) No depression no nothing, no need to worry about me! :) thanks a bunch for all your support! :) Love you both so much!
Elder Martin

Taber District Elders :Ward, Jones, Campbell, Stone
front row: Elders Martin and Mackey

Elders .....

Elders Mackey and Martin on exchanges

Food..... No antlers among them

Empty home

Elders Mackey and Martin

First snow

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