Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Service in Vauxhall

Snow! love the dry cold its awesome! feels AMAZING. Canadians different at driving... no Texas friendly drivers out here or courtesy waves! oh well such is life lol. Everything out here is good, we have a mission tour on the 15th with a member of the Area Authority, so that should be cool! umm only one less active member this week sadly but we had a Less active to church last week! all elders out here have cars(in Taber). Still no Referrals but we did get into Vauxhall this week and helped a member build a house, his less active brother and family friend who's a non member were there! it was fun we were hanging trusses. then about 8 of them collapsed onto 2 people luckily nobody was hurt just bruised.  Other Elders teaching is mostly less actives as well, Investigators are like diamonds out here it seems ha ha. sooo no interview questions yet, oh well.
 Elder Campbell has been getting into cooking/baking when we eat at home,so if you could do me a huge favor and send me the Recipe for the Red or yellow curry stir-fry mom does i cant remember... also your biscuits and gravy recipe! :) that would be amazing! If there's anything i'm missing let me know! sorry this week wasn't amazing, kind of slower and such! love you though!
Elder Martin 

Halloween, with other Elders at the Ward building

Morning sky, heading to Vauxhall to do service for a member building 
a home

Working with trusses

Trusses collapsed, destroyed ladder

Fixing Trusses

 Our Zone

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