Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Colder........ Also Happy 20th B-day Elder Martin

Coldest this week was -4 Fahrenheit, and I was actually sweating, it was nice, I think i'm going to be able to handle this cold stuff they call snow haha. I survived transfers! I'm way excited, me and Campbell will be together for Christmas! :)

So this week was not to shabby, nothing happened until Friday really, we had Our 2nd quorum of the 70 (Elder Schwitzer) come down and speak to all the missionaries in Southern Alberta (Med Hat... British Columbia.... Lethbridge... Cardston...and such), and that was good, they announced the fact that we were getting IPAD MINI'S in April! :D or at least that's when President Nicholas said we should be getting them...... annnd whats even more cool than that is President said "so we make sure you take care of them better each missionary gets their own annnnd gets to take it home after their missions" sooo i'm pretty stoked, I'm sure its going to cost a small fee like $100 or something, but that's all good for me! :) then that evening was exchanges with the Zone Leaders that was awesome I might add, got there at like 10 and hung out for a little, then passed out. Next morning it was a pretty bad snow storm so all the Vehicles were grounded, and we had to walk. it was about -20 with windchill, so like -4 Fahrenheit and I wasn't cold at all :) im pretty proud of that haha, Elder Heath was Freezing, he's from England and i was actually sweating haha ha it made me chuckle a little :) since we walked to dinner we got there a little early so instead of going in we just started going to peoples homes and started shoveling their Drive ways. We do that a lot,and makes me feel good, One guy came out and talked to us a bit but nothing really happened just said thanks. so we got back in from dinner, and it was still to stormy for the cars to drive so I ended up staying ANOTHER night in Lethbridge and had to go to the Singles ward the next day haha, it really reminded me of why i didn't go to mine back at home, just totally lame and boring. then we finally exchanged back after that! Not much happening teaching wise in Taber as of yet, Working with Members and less active mostly.

PMG is an AMAZING book, I always feel closer to the spirit when I read that every morning President said that if you stop reading this book (Preach My Gospel) you will have successfully cut off your tie to revelation with your heavenly father. so it is amazing in the mornings.

11/12/13 email

This week We only had one lesson, he still doesn't want to be baptized and worked with a less active who doesn't want to come to church, oh well, I still love them both! But this week we had a Ward supper and we got to talk to our Polish friend who's a non member who just has tons of member friends, and he seems slightly interested because he has asked about our church quite a  bit, so maybe we can do more with him, also we were able to give a mandarin Book of Mormon to a Foreign Exchange student living with a member, that family is awesome! and Bruce (kid we just gave a book to) is awesome as well, he's already in 1st Nephi 17 and just powering through it! hope that leads somewhere. But other than that that's really all.... things are slowly picking up I think, miracles haven't happened over night though. OH we have a family who's son is in France, and he ran into Kjersti last week and they talked and she said that "I'm awesome and a hard worker" i think not sure on all the wording haha sooo yay connection! :)

annnnnd side note....I can now bench press 205 lbs! :) (he has a workout routine every day except Sunday, has never had much upper body strength was always lower body being a soccer player and all, so he is pretty much excited on that 205 lbs mark)

Sunday was Interesting, we had to shovel snow before church started so it was safe to walk in haha, then we went home and secretly shoveled our members drive way for some service :)
we also set up member lessons with a family in vauxhall to teach their daughter before she is baptized. Other than that that's all that has happened this week. The snow is starting to melt now hopefully more come soon, I love it!   Oh I also got a letter from Jesus! :) it made me smile sounds like he's doing good, I will be writing him back as soon as I can as well...

His Words
Awsome Wolverine shirt a member gave him, wearing some Tatoo sleeve thing.

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