Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sorry.....Zachs Email from Nov. 26th

Thanks for torturing me with all those amazing details of thanksgiving this year, i've been dying for a smoke meat of some kind!

Surprisingly we haven't all been wearing snow gear yet, isn't to cold, for instance today its about 40 degrees and i'm in a long sleeve church shirt. when i'm wearing it all i will send one though, but you know me i'm never very detailed so sorry about that. i don't think through the week of oh i need to take pictures of this for my blog specifically i just take pictures when i feel like taking pictures.

all the snows almost melted this week should be getting some more next week i think. we eat at home and out a few times a week. Mcdonalds and taco time for taco Tuesdays is popular, the members usually feed us every night.

This week we got a new investigator his name is Bruce, and he lives with the Chisolm family and he's their foreign exchange student from China right now, he has agreed to let us teach him and his still reading the Book of Mormon! wahoo! also, a ton of less active stop bys, just to see if they want us to teach them... no success there sadly, we do have a few less active families that like missionaries, and we can teach them though, so that's always fun! Elder Campbell and I both had to speak in Vauxhall this week as well, that was great! it was funny, driving out there i felt like i had to change my talk to something else, then Called to Serve came on by Motab and I was like well I know what i'm changing my talk to haha, i talked on why i came on a mission and the blessing I have seen, and how we can help others feel and receive these same blessing, Elder Campbell said it came out amazing, but I can never tell for myself haha..... and then he gave an awesome talk on Charity and Love, it seemed like vauxhall enjoyed us! today we came up with the idea on how to help people with the work is by making an advent calendar for them on things to do up until Christmas to help fulfill Elder Ballards talk. were both pretty excited about that.

So we read today that Elder Bednar is coming down to the mission for a mission conference or something and we don't get to meet him! because he's only in Calgary, i'm pretty upset about that... but we will be talking with the president to see if we could swing a mission tour to Calgary haha.... other than that all is well! love it out here in Taber!

Elder C cleaning up after flood and drywall work in living 

 Elder Christiansen before he went home

My birthday cake Elder Campbell made! what an awesome guy! 

snow mound in the church parking lot haha...

This was our dinner last night and they are awesome! The Gardners, it was his 80th birthday and this was there Christmas village pretty legit if you ask me! 

Elder C, Elder Martin and The Gardners

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