Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12-24-13 Email from Elder Martin

Well this week has been Exciting, Frustrating, Slow, Fast.... everything you can Imagine haha....
So we started off With Caroling on Tuesday and visiting less actives with cookies that we made... then we didn't get let an on Wednesday, or Thursday but we still set some things up with members then Friday we went Caroling again, and it was just fun... dashing from member to member pretty much with the other Elders.... We were Caroling this one Non-Member who has potential to be investigating and his neighbor opened the door and listened to and applauded and so we gave her a pack of cookies as well :) and then We Caroled to a Mennonite Lady who is recently divorced and has 5 kids she enjoyed that as well :) then comes Saturday we had Sydney Ojala's Baptism she is the Member girl that we taught in Vauxhall all the lessons :) it was awesome... no matter how many baptisms I see the spirit is always sooo strong and confirming. after that we had the Town Nativity that was put on by our ward where the whole town could come... we had about 300 that night through the 4 shows... I always love seeing the Nativity acted out live and we had real animals as well! it was pretty cool and coldish only -13 so only 8 Fahrenheit haha we set up a missionary table and just talked with people! then we had it again that Sunday night! (by the way, Sunday was amazing! always good Christmas talks and songs) so Sundays nativity was even COLDER it was -19! sooo -2 Fahrenheit yea pretty awesome i can now say i saw the Nativity in Negative temperatures haha.

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