Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Catching up.... 12-10-13 email

This week was pretty crazy it was something like -30 F with an insane -54 F wind chill.... you know its cold when you take a break and your boogers just straight up freeze! so we were told to say inside, and that lasted for about 2 days then Elder Mackey and I were on exchanges on one of those cold days so we couldn't do much.... then we got a call that day to sadly hear that Elder ______ would be going home that weekend. we exchanged back and helped him pack. Really sad to see him gone feel weird now. then on Thursday I woke up feeling like death and had a really high fever and body aches so im guessing the flu so Elder Campbell as amazing as he is helped take care of me and make sure I didn't die haha, then Friday I felt just as bad... all the way up until Saturday did i start feeling slightly better and then Sunday it was like POOF felt like i was never sick, weird. Sadly needless to say those days were the days we had set up with our investigator and 3 less actives! all canceled.... I swear the devil has a say so when your sick lol. That's ok we were able to pick up our member and Gator up Sunday for church! :) And last night we were able to get a chain out to a Less Active family who actually opened the door for us!I think it helps that her daughter thinks were cute haha. I found out today from a missionary who passed a message to me that The Gentleman Francis from Airdrie hasnt been meeting with the missionaries very much anymore and he told them that its because he misses elder martin... so apparently he really misses me, that honestly made me smile! :) but other than that were still battling the cold and its awesome!
oh and tonight we have our mission Christmas party! yay!
if there's anything that I missed let me know! 
love ya both! :)

Elder Martins Car

Advent Calender they made for the Members

Elder Martin with others Elders in District

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