Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby it's cold outside

Well I Don't really know where to start this week haha. I guess for starters... went on exchanges with Elder Heath down in Lethbridge, he's the Zone Leader And From Lester England, love that kid.... already have talked about him coming down to visit or even play on one of the indoor teams with me haha.... We went over to the institute building and there was a guy talking on how to get a job pretty much and come to find out all of southern Alberta unemployment rate is 4% pretty good if you ask me, and that went well. 

This week in Taber Elder Campbell and I have started the Advent calendars and I think they are starting off pretty swell, if you ask me! they take a while to make but so totally worth it! We have a ton of less active appointments this week so I hope things pull together! The other afternoon we were over at our WML house and they told us that they dont want us to think work out here is wasted because were not baptizing, believe it or not we have done something they said..... He told us that we would be surprised on how many people have come up to them and told them how amazing it was having us over for a message... and just the spirit that we carry with us is enough to fill a home.... so that made Elder Campbell and I smile so I guess we really are doing something out here hahah!

We also made it out to Vauxhall this week to teach a member family's daughter about The Restoration, she wants to hear the lessons before she's baptized, and Elder Campbell and I were so honored to take One of the Assistants with us, Elder Hill is his name, and man do I love that Elder he is so AWESOME and such a simple teacher! Then the next day was zone conference that went pretty well We learned about how we must first understand the Doctrine then Learn the Principles in the Doctrine then know how to apply those two attributes so it was awesome..... and then CAR INSPECTIONS! drum roll please!........................ WE WON 1st! :) haha so that was pretty cool.

As of our new investigator sadly he didn't come to stake conference it was a gooder haha, but we will be trying to meet up with him again this week, we have introduced him into the Book of Mormon and he says its pretty interesting right now but the translation is confusing at times, but that's what were here for!

Then the snow came tumbling in, we were "snowed in" yesterday because of the conditions, doesn't mean I didn't walk in it! it was awesome hahah, all of Taber stayed at the ward building playing games and such then we went and made a snow fort back at our house! it was awesome haha.....

Elder Martin in his Snow chair

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