Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Still Catching up Elder Martin Email 12-17-13

Well the weather this week was warm..... a whole 42! haha that's Short sleeve weather! we had the Chinooks come through which are like out Santa Ana's except a little... no a lot colder haha only because ours come from the freaking desert! other than that this week was sweet! We were able to listen to Elder Bednar in our mission, he came and talked to us and answered questions we had... SO cool! hes actually pretty funny :) and then we taught our Investigator Bruce, hes from China and that went really well! found out his Religion background and how he didn't have very much haha and we feel he will have lots of questions and were hoping to help him answer them! :) Then today Campbell and I were baking cookies to go caroling with! :) oh speaking of singing Campbell, and I and our member upstairs Stirling sang in sacrament this week "With Wondering Awe" turned out and sounded nice :) Also Campbell, Ward, and I sang with Jones on the piano, on Friday "He Sent His Son" also went well except Ward (the Ginger) is tone deaf haha and sings through his nose... oh well lol lots of singing going on out here....  Other than that it was a good week... should be getting some snow here in a couple days! 

Anyone that knows Elder Martin, could you ever see him in Church singing.....wow, he did tell me Elder Campbell had a Voice of an Angel.

Cookies Elders Martin and Campbell made to give out to those they caroled too.

Elders Christmas tree

Cool iced tree

Elder Martin attic helping move things for a Family

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