Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 23rd post

Well this week was busy with all that fun Zone Leader stuff.... Monday we went to District meetings then after that we taught Holly commandments, Then Tuesday was Pday, and Wednesday TRANSFERS! We got there at 8:00 and left at 11:00 then went to the Mall ate lunch. shopped for the New greenie, took Elder Eastes with us because he was waiting for his companion to come up from the south, went home got some groceries, went back to transfers at 3 got back at 5:30 ate some dinner real quick then went to a meeting back in Calgary for training on the Ward Mission Leaders and the Idaho Initiative.... Heard of it? all in all it turned out to be an 18 hour day! it was insane.... then Thursday we Weekly planned and that took most of the day because we had to figure out the new zone stuff... Friday we had a Special Leadership training meeting on how to be an effective leader/ know what the missions doing type thing... then we left and got mail, then had to get our oil changed didn't get back to Airdrie till 5 then either.... and Saturday we FINALLY got out to find people, all in about 2 hours we placed 4 Copies of the Book of Mormon and had probably 5-6 good gospel talks with people so that was a sweet day! Then Sunday we had a linger longer after church and now that brings me to my day today! :)

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