Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7th email

Well this week was pretty good I might say..... started off with getting a sweet new shirt from Calvin Kline originally 80 got it for 30! then on Tuesday Canada Day we had some District meetings and then went to a lunch at the Beatties house, there was about 5 other Families there and we just hung out played some Frisbee and what not, then this one family's some the Trims pulled out this thing called the Phantom.. its a remote controlled helicopter that has a HD camera on it linked to your cell phone! its pretty cool...then had dinner with an awesome family, the Villas. Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with our less active friend Bro Perry who has been coming back to church lately......Then on Thursday Elder Shaw turned 1 whole year! yaaaay ha ha, then we had our baptism interview for Holly and had a lesson later with the other family who's son is getting baptized, which takes us to Friday July 4th! where I spent 6 hours in a Mission Leadership Council discussing the needs of the mission, we then had a sweet lesson with another less active  who wants to get active again so he can baptize his son next year! he is So awesome! We invited him to the Saturday Pancake breakfast and he came! then he came to church on Sunday too! now on to Saturday Had a Pancake breakfast in the morning, right after that went to Holly's Baptism it was awesome! she was so thrilled you could just feel it....
after that we went back out to the Beatties to "celebrate" our 4th! and burn elder Shaw's 1 year shirt.... well I was lame and forgot my camera but that's OK were doing more this week! :) but lets just say that Gas soaked white shirt.... in a potato cannon = BALL OF FIRE!!! possibly the most amazing thing ever!  and then we come to Sunday when Aron came to church! and Holly Bore her Testimony! pretty much a sweet week! :) 

Holly's Baptism 

burning stuff with a huge magnifying class.... also at the Beatties!

Soaking in that Vitamin D

Canada day cake at Villas!

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