Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 17th post

Well once again not a super whole lot of stuff to report on.... Yesterday we met with our gator (investigator) Holly, she is 12 and is a Foster Child living with the Stephenson family right now, taught her the Plan of Salvation and Gospel! shes awesome, and she already has a testimony of fasting! She and her family fasted for her social worker to allow her to take the Missionary Lessons and get Baptized, so that's how were meeting with her! Baptism date on July 5th, that's always fun :)
all of our stop by's, we have been making nobody is home and all of out other gators, we cant catch anymore, but we have Chris who is interested still, who is a friend of the Hudson family, hes 16-17 and tells them he will be coming to church this sunday so thats exciting! hopefully we can meet with him this week. See the problem with the Youth is that school is just getting finished and its Finals and all that so they are really busy..... so its kinda understandable.

Then we had dinner with the Ober Family this week whos an awesome family, really young couple... , then we also ate with this other sweet family the Villas... they are just awesome and fun! but that was my week.... oh and I guess an important thing is that SHAW AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER!!! 

this is Elder Larsen and I sharing a cinnamon bun! haha

Double Rainbow

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