Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Companion in Taber....

So don't have any pictures with the companion,(lol Zach didn't tell us his name) but he is from Arizona a little town called Eager, he's the 2nd oldest of 3 boys so that's pretty cool :) Then Elder King and Pitts (green!) are in Barnwell and Sister Martin, and Mortensen is in 1st and 3rd ward.... yes the Same Mortensen who was in Airdrie and apparently I have a long lost sister! haha we were able to meet with the a Family who wants to make it to the temple so we will be helping them with that... it is such an awesome household!

Then were trying to get a lot of member lessons going and then Bishop called us and said that his polish friend Tom was ready for a Book of Mormon! so we went over and gave it to him, and he said he would read it in 1 or 2 days and then we can talk with him or teach him in this case!.... and were just like 2 days? the whole thing? and he's like yea! were shocked with that, but he says its because he wants to change! so that's great! Im excited...... other than that it got cold again only -30 just a light jacket was needed hah :)    But its going to be an awesome transfer I'm excited!.... have a great week! love ya!

Last Picture with Elder Campbell and Elder Martin

Suds in toilet after kids upstairs poured big bottle off bubbles in the plumbing upstairs

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