Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 21 2014 email

Well this was a fun week.... I have worn a short sleeve shirt for the past week! feels so nice, no idea when the next storm is coming in, but there's suppose to be one people say. We were able to meet with Bruce and commit him to continue reading the book of Mormon and to pray about it.... and pray in daily life! he seemed really interested and sincere so i hope things go well! We went out to Vauxhall again this week and contacted with a Part member family didn't get to meet him but his wife told us a little about him, names Duane Mills and is a HUGE gear head.... like James only worse.. he has like 18 car projects just sitting there so we will be getting back out there to talk with him! then we headed out to scandia to talk with a cool family that likes us... they are members and his niece was there... well turns out she's a Jehovah Witness and shes on her "mission" its 3 years... and it made me laugh when she said they have very little time to do what they want so they squeeze in family visits when they can, then she said "but that's ok were going down to Mexico next week" makes a whole lot of sense to me... oh well haha. they left, and we ended up staying and having dinner out there that was nice! Later on in the week we went to stop by our polish investigator, and he answers the door in his underwear haha.... I couldn't tell if he was drunk or really really tired, so we told him we would come by later... was an interesting week haha. Vauxhall is a fun place to drive around... the district is settling in well... possibly one of the most fun districts i've served around, the greenie is pretty funny (Elder Pitts) and his companion elder king is SWEET! I swear its like he and I were like best of friends somewhere else but never crossed paths it was just bound to happen he got transferred here, he lives in... Arizona only 5 hours away in a small town called New River. Elder Ciminski is fun and hilarious as always! and we are doing great together.

Elder Martin

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