Monday, July 29, 2013

House Inspection Winners

Crescent View  chapel which over looks Calgary, so its very pretty

Red Lobster Lunch for the Missionaries that won the House inspection..... Elder Martin's Companion 
must be a great cleaner because that can't be our kid.

I feel bad because I don't have a whole lot to really report on, but as of this week we met with an investigator from a while ago and got a lesson in with her, we are going to drop another investigator this week because he isn't progressing and he says there's no need for him to get baptized because hes already perfect he thinks. on P-Day we just shop then get lunch at the mall and then go to the stake center to play some basketball we ended up playing some soccer and hand ball last week so that was pretty sweet.
We have a dinner this week with a less active member who invited US over for a BBQ and to shoot some pool, hes getting ready for a tournament down in Vegas in a few months hes on a professional league team so i'm pretty excited for that. But that's really about it sadly. 

oh here's something exciting, we won our house inspection so the mission couple took us and the other missionaries who won out to Red Lobster this week and we stopped by the Crescent View  Chapel which over looks Calgary so its very pretty I have some pictures. and We stopped by the soccer field to watch a less actives grandson (hes 6) play soccer at the soccer camp, he actually asked me to teach him a few things about soccer before he went to the camp so that was cool. And we came across a bag piper outside our house, hes been playing for 26 years hes pretty sweet, Elder Mooney and I saw him when we were on exchanges a few weeks ago and he played the Scottish tune, but its the one that we sing Praise to the Man too it was awesome...

The backside of a bag piper

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