Saturday, July 13, 2013

High River

The work with the stampede and summer and flood coming through here actually slowed down we haven't been able to really teach anyone this week, were still at the same place as last.

But we were able to go down to High River this week and help out with people.
 So many people down there are just devastated, we helped them clear out their entire basements, from Furniture to beds to fridges to weight machines to carpet to dryers and washers to drywall we pretty much demoed everything that was affected by the flood, it was so sad but so amazing at the same time because we got to show the people the act of service and they couldn't believe we were doing it for free and even more so that we didn't even know or care who we were helping out. just that we were there to help! :) it was awesome. it was truly a touching experience. it made me think back upon when the fires came roaring through and you and I were the only ones in the house at the time. Then on Saturday we got a freak snow/hail storm ha-ha that was a pretty cool trip. hail the size of marbles, it didn't feel to good needless to say, we had to run out of the car because a member was buying us lunch at a place called Costa Vida, is a branch from Cafe Rio. their Raspberry Chipoltle chicken is pretty delicious.
Service in High River going down into basement

Mucking out basement

Elder Martin  and Elder Miner in High River
Elder Martin

 and yes those are rail road tracks

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