Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still doing Service in High River

We were able to here from Elder Martin a day later because they opened another area in High River that the Missionaries could help do service in.  Elder Martin is doing great and his letter to his Mother was so fantastic,  He really is doing well.  He did say the teaching is still slow but he is getting better at teaching the gospel.  he did relate a cool story when he was shopping for boots about  a lady that was asking why a man dressed like him needed a pair of Steel toed boots and he explained to her what the Missionaries have been doing in High River helping mucking out the homes that have been flooded, and at the register she paid for them thanking him for his service and they need that type of help in High River, he felt that was cool.

This is our Zone picture and in it are Elders: Smith, Young, Miner, Suniamafelao, Mooney, Hanssey, Ferguson. Then sisters: Wray, Nuttel, Lamont, Mortonson. I don't know the order but if you can read the name tags, there ya go! :)

This is a picture of the numbers we have put up down here with the Helping Hands crews down in High River!

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