Monday, June 24, 2013

Alberta Flood service at the Reservation

 I have been able to help out a bit with the floods we helped the food bank up here, run a soup bowl relief day that was awesome, then yesterday  we went out and help the Indian reservation  with all the donations people were bringing in, we filled up a whole hockey rink with clothes, water, and essentials and a whole high school gymnasium with food. it was so awesome to see the communities coming together to help those less fortunate. The Fireside last night was really good, it was making me wonder if we were going to have some changes as well, so who knows we will see here in a few weeks I guess. I can drive, I got permission and Elder Miner prefers that I drive so its whatever, I don't mind, we have a Chevy Malibu and it drives like a boat so I'm used to that already.

Soup bowl we helped run

 Elder Miner and myself 

Water brought to the reservation 

 Supplies we helped bring into the reservation

 Elder Martin with Elder he was on Exchanges with

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