Monday, June 17, 2013

We received an email from Elder Martin and this is just some of what was happening with him this week.....

I Cover the Airdrie 3rd ward, the ward building is laid out EXACTLY like ours at  home so that's pretty cool to be honest. we have a Chevy Malibu and bikes we are  told to take 2 1/2 walking/biking days, so its not to bad.... keeps me in shape. The members are great, already feel loved and the Penners, who our ward missionaries are simply wonderful,  they are a couple with a ton of kids mostly older and there about  late  thirties.  We currently are teaching 2 investigators one named Ryan who is very in tune to the Gospel and Spirit who's wife still has issues with it , so were slowly chipping away at that rock, his son is 10 his name is Jackson and he has Autism really sweet kid, he's pretty good at Call Of Duty too haha .....then we are teaching a fellow named Duane he likes to read up on all the Conspiracy Theory's so that's always interesting to listen about but we invited him to a converts baptism and we asked him how it went and he said it was more powerful than he had thought one would be, so there's a light in him somewhere I just know it, he also has a son who is 10 named Justine who suffered lack of oxygen at birth and was in a car accident when he was in the Womb but he has a good spirit about him. For the most part dinner appointments have consisted of delicious pancakes sausage and hash-browns and a lot of Sweet BBQ pulled pork sandwiches haha...... so we've been fed pretty well needless to say.  On P-Day we go to the Stake Center and Play basket ball last week I went to throw the ball back in bounds and slammed up against the back of the wall and came down on to my ankle pretty hard and heard several pops, great first P-Day huh? but its nothing I've  never dealt with before, so i should be all good for today. I'm hopefully going to go to the mall today and get a decent pair of some Basketball shoes to maybe prevent that injury again.

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