Tuesday, June 4, 2013

At the time of this post Elder Martin is just getting on his flight to Calgary Canada,  He was able to call home this morning which was a great thing for his Mother and I, even if it was a bit later than he expected.  He has a big group heading to Calgary with him so that was nice.  Elder Martin said they had a great meeting last night that at the end of it they gave all the Sisters Blessings which the spirit was strong in.  His MTC Zone had 11 other Elders and 20 something Sisters. I asked him how he was enjoying thing and he said it was way better than he expected, he really enjoyed the MTC and now is excited and nervous  for the new things that will come in Calgary.  He has seen Sister Roberts and Elder Myers in the MTC and said they are both doing great and are in good spirits. He wants to thank all those that sent him things in MTC, he felt his Mom was sending him a message that he needed to write more with all the pen's, pencils and paper she sent, he was able to share them with all the other missionaries.  The Morning started early for the group heading to the SLC airport via Trax rail system, they  have a direct flight to Calgary so should be at the Mission Home around 2:30-3:00 pm. Elder Martin did say that he has taken a few pictures and will send them when he has some time.

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