Friday, April 10, 2015

March 9th

So this week was pretty rockin'... except for p-days.... zone doesn't do much, to be honest the zone leaders are kinda meh in the leadership category... and organizing zone activities haha... so we just hang out at the mall in Lethbridge and eat food haha.... Tuesday was normal district meeting then splits with youth and Wednesday we went pigeon cleaning I guess you could call it haha, our WML in 1st ward had pigeon problems so Keith and I and the 2 kids we went on splits we took care of them... they would gun them down with pellet guns and we would get them when they hit the ground to make sure they were dead haha... it was quite fun, Thursday was interviews and those went well and quick haha, got my New Temple Recommend and shared hot Cheetos with President haha.... and no dad i wasn't nervous to open the box in front of prez haha, he's a funny guy and were good friends, Sister Nicholas on the other hand wanted to interrogate me to make sure I wasn't being stupid or focusing on other things haha, I told her that her husband approved, and she said "I'm the one who has the final say" I thought it was pretty comical! :D then that evening we taught Justin and it was awesome! this guy has pure intent and really wants to know what his direction in life is suppose to be, he feels that there's something there... so we taught the Light of Christ and it was sweet, and even better he came to church on Sunday! soooo sick! also Sunday in 3rd ward our WML asked us to be a part of his son's ordination to Deacon that was pretty cool! :) but that's just about sums up my week! :) take care love you lots!

Road Kill

Pigeon the boys got

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