Friday, April 10, 2015

March 16 2015

Magrath is well, we met with Justin this week and committed him to read and pray every night this week and he said he will do it! so that's great, he moved from out east to here for work, and has so much intent its crazy, he really wants to know if its true, and he said that if he comes to know its true he will 100% get baptized!! and then we met with the one 9-year-old and she has a baptism date for the 28th, its kind of a quick baptism haha but she is 9 so we teach her... and then we had a lot of less actives this week, got one the stop smoking program so she could set a date and she wants to stop by next Saturday! we thought that was awesome.

we also did some gopher trapping this week haha, the Evans have some traps so we just set them and check them and hour later and boom its like magic, there's gophers in them! but that's was the outcome of my week!

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