Friday, April 10, 2015

March 2 2015

This week was normal I guess besides moving.... were just 2 clicks outside of town now in Brad Sabey's basement.... he is our Spring Coulee Branch leader. Also got to see a New less active this week, she just lost her husband and is working on getting back to church, it's awesome to still hear she has a testimony of the Plan of Salvation and that she wants to get her life back on track, she wants to stop smoking so that's great! was a pretty good lesson, and then we got around to the normal visits, couldn't get anything set up with the one family who's daughter were teaching... but that's alright. better luck this week.... on Saturday we did service which was nice.. except the fact we had to move a giant 300 Gallon Fish Tank and then a slightly smaller 200 gallon fish tank haha... I've heard of crazy cat people but these were crazy fish people... super heavy! but awesome at the same time... always exciting, then we did some cleaning of the Evans Garage and set up there pretty awesome Bosch Table saw.... it made me want it haha. All in all it was a pretty good week, it's been snowing again so I guess winter finally caught up with us, darn haha. yesterday we went to the Del Bonita Branch which is like 10k from the border, they have 15 people on membership records out there and 4 stake missionaries, it was a pretty good service, seeing a small church out there and dedicated members like that tells me the church is true! crazy to think only 2 fast Sundays left.... WOW!!

left to right is Adams, Roberts, then Larsen, and Christensen

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