Friday, April 10, 2015

March 30 2015

This week was good we did meet with Justin he is SOOOO close! We asked him "look you pretty much live all the standards, so what's holding you back from being baptized?" and he simply told us.... every now and then her gets "thought/doubts" in his head.. and it just makes him think! so we obviously taught to that and all that, it was a good lesson! The Baptism went smooth.... slightly awkward because we sat behind the Ex Wifes parents who are devout Catholic and they were pretty much bashing through the entire Service.... I wanted to slap them across the face with a Book Of Mormon but I didn't haha.... Transfers are on the 9th so 1 week, we live with the Sabey's. and yesterday we had 3 dinners haha.... 2 linger longers and then the Evans said that they had a smoked Brisket so come over... and man was that GOOOOOOD! Also about the Evans Their sons that are still home Conner (14) and Hayden (18) will probably be living with us for a week or so in august to go shooting/hunting and all that fun! :) just letting you know

ammonite mine on the backroads

Elder Keith wanted a duck.... Shhhhh hahaha

Duck Evans boys got

And this is John Evans.... (dad) with his new M1 grand toy.... this was Family Home evening By the way haha

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