Friday, April 10, 2015

March 23 2015

Well it just gets closer and closer doesn't it..... This week was pretty quick, feels like just yesterday i was on.... Well Tuesday was normal for the most part, had some splits in the evening but nobody showed up, so our WML took us to a family and they are active but lost their son to a suicide and they just opened up and talked about everything that's been on their minds... it was awesome, he left behind a small family and his wife isn't a member so we got her address and are sending missionaries to her house! :) The Dad prayed about it and everything and he felt strongly prompted that his daughter in law's heart had been soften enough :) so that was awesome!

Then we had district meetings on Wednesday this week, the sisters were at the temple on Tuesday with a Returning less active family, so that's cool, after that had a delicious Burger :)

Thursday we had an awesome dinner and lesson with Justin! we ate with the Ogdens and they are a sweet family, had BBQ burgers and then played some basketball with 3 of their kids and Justin and then had a killer lesson, on why it is we make choices and get baptized.... He knows what he needs to do, he just needs to search for his answer! :) Awesome guy.

Friday was pretty boring, everyone either went to Taber or Edmonton for Provincials for basketball... being southern Alberta, that's all this towns about is Basketball haha... between Friday and Saturday not a whole lot happened because of that BUT the boys took 4th in the Province and the Girls took 1st! so that was pretty exciting to hear.... 

Sunday was good, we taught 4th ward 3rd hour combined... had to give a presentation on PMG and why its awesome and set a goal with everyone to start reading it... i think people just let it go in one ear and out the other though, kinda like "oh hey the missionaries are speaking Zzzzz" and people don't understand that were representatives of Jesus Christ and speak for him, but hey that's alright! :) but ya that was my week! Oh also Abe's cat had kittens... they pretty cute, but also they are cats haha... so yup! Times getting closer! :)


This is Connor Evans in his snowball armor!

a member we ate with yesterday, his 67 Camaro! 

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