Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Companion, and new Ward...... Canyon Creek

Alright onto this week! Transfers were INSANE!!!! For starters we have a new assistant and he has been out 8 months! no leadership experience except for training. President has gotten rid of the whole "ladder" leadership nonsense.... it is more in-tune with the lord now and he calls who the lord wants to in this mission as leaders..I'm excited! Elder Smith is an example of that also he went from Senior comp to Zone leader! pretty exciting! :) So Coming from the brethren Elders and Sisters no longer should be serving together in the same ward, so president moved me out of the YSA ward and replaced me with Sisters there, so there is 2 sets of sisters in the YSA ward, and I am now in the Canyon Creek Family ward! I was a little bummed and saddened by that, but its OK, the lord wants me here, I'm going to find out why and get to work! starting from scratch basically! :) should be fun!!!

Qing and I (recent convert)

Elder Campbell (my son) and his greenie Elder Reynolds (my grandson)!!!!

less active Alicia and the gang! Sister Harris and sister Hassan (Harris is home now) and Elder Baker!
Daniel, Elder Baker and I

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