Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 10th 2014

Not quite sure what to email about this week.... I would say winter is officially back... its 5 with windchill -13..... We Found a new less active who is reaching out, his names Chad and he is awesome! he is way into sports and what not, he also has a sick lumberjack beard ha ha thought I should throw that in there, other than that we had MLC this Friday talked about how to Hold the mission accountable and Discussed the topic for teaching this month which is Doctrines of Christ and how we can more fully apply the atonement to become Truly Converted Missionaries... aside from all that that's pretty much my week... we had a cool Remembrance day themed sacrament meeting at church that was nice, and then we have been planning for Zone Training Meeting for tomorrow! should be Exciting! Hope your weeks went well! Love  ya! 

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