Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 17th 2014 Service all day

Well today for p-day we helped someone move..... all day that is why I am not just getting on.... it was pretty good.... we had 18 missionaries there i'm exhausted, so i think i forgot to mention but Elder Campbell is in my zone!!! :) and he is a district leader! it has been so good to see him again and serve around him! :) i love that kid, he is doing awesome! So this week, we went on exchanges and I was down in high river for the day with Elder Edwards, his birthday is the 19th haha crazy... Great Elder, thoroughly enjoy serving around him, I was his zone leader in Airdrie when I was there last too, he goes home this transfer, this is the 7 week transfer so it ends on Dec 4th,  tell grandma she is awesome for sending the money! I love her mucho! how is she doing by the way? and poppy? ummm after the exchange we heard word that one of the Elders we live with is going home so that was sad... he did go home honorably though... so that left us with 1 missionary and he was transferred to brooks so our apartment is empty now.... which led to Elder Baker and I super deep cleaning it and it looks SOOOO nice now! im excited :)  While on exchanges we got to teach a lady named Pam, and it was probably the sweetest lesson ever, I was able to share many experiences that could relate to what she had to say and question and we asked her to pray about Joseph smith being a prophet and what we have to testify of is true, and she started praying in the middle of a lesson, kinda funny but super awesome at the same time! :) her husband just needs to stop being a drunk and support her! then we would be solid! Saturday we had a stake conference priesthood session and that was just super fun... being questioned and having to reply about missionary work because we are the zone leaders ha ha.... all good though, its getting the stake excited for missionary work! then Sundays session of stake conference was amazing! the choir was amazing and the speakers were just phenomenal, i don't remember me as a youth or our youth back home being able to give such great talks but man up here they slayed it! all in all great week.... sure not a WHOLE lot of teaching but it seems like every day is just a spiritual high! :) its nice!!! hope you have an amazing week! your the best love you! :) and sorry no new updates on pictures

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