Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 24th 2014

The Birthday week! Started off with a nice FHE with a wonderful family named the Moores... they were awesome. on Tuesday was when we really had P-day because of the move and what not on Monday, then Wednesday was Elder Edwards Birthday.... we went to Downtown Calgary... it weird when it gets dark so fast now! but then we drove down to Highriver to give elder Edwards some donuts! then back to Calgary for institute! it was a pretty good lesson, we were tracking the life of the saviors last week before the Crucifixion... Friday was his last day and that's where we were, very deep lesson.... then Thursday! started off in the morning with a Birthday call from the most awesome Ward Mission Leader ever, Daniel!!!! Then a nice singing from Elder Baker and then we Weekly planned some and collected all the numbers for the Zone for board updates! Then Elder Baker took me out to lunch, we went to chilis.... mmmm so good! I miss being able to go there just about once a week haha, Then I was asked to "talk" with Elder Halford while secretly Elder baker went out and got me 2 ties.... which I found on my bed later that night upon returning to the apartment haha, then we gave the sisters a blessing, and went to dinner with Daniel after that! it was Delicious... .as always, we mad home made pizza and had Tres Leche Cake! :) or 3 milk cake for those who don't know Spanish :P or I just suck at spelling ha ha..... Friday we went and got mail....  Saturday we went to visit a less active in the hospital... she was super happy to see us! we were also dropped by a less active man named Hamish who said it actually wasn't his time to start coming back.... sad, then we met with our Recent Convert Qing... hes happy as every and is awesome then Sunday we had some awesome church, starting out morning with the stake presidents council at 7 then ward council at 11 and church at 1.... that's our normal Sunday haha and now im here! Love ya! your Awesome! and thank you for the Birthday Wishes!

Dad.... Danny JUST emailed me! he says he is getting baptized Nov 30th! its so exciting!! this is what I told him..

DUDE!!!!! I would never forget about you man! you were my Goalie for life! as I tried to be your defender hahah.... ya my dad has informed me on what you have been up too and might I just say WOW! I cant exclaim how excited I am for you! The Restored Gospel has been the greatest blessing of my life, and my Mission has been the best thing for my life. Your a very Stalwart young man for taking these steps in your life, I can promise you, as scary as it may be,  that as you exercise your faith the lord will see that and he will bless you in every way possible for that! God will show you his way and how to get there. I promise you, from one friend to another you will never regret the steps you have made in your life. I will keep you in my prayers!

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