Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November 3 2014

Well then another week in the life of a missionary!

So i don't know how exciting this weeks email will be so lets see what happened... well Monday we went to Sheep River Falls again and had a weeny roast, that was fun haha, cooked them on good ole fashioned sticks :) Then Tuesday we had to go to in the evening to Walk through an apartment that missionaries would be moving into then we had some delicious breakfast for dinner! :) on Wednesday we had institute, and had to clean the car because it was zone conference on Thursday, so we had one conference and that was pretty sweet, it was based off the Elder Robbins Talk "which way do you face" then we had to go change the sisters tire after Zone Conference. For dinner we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for boneless wing Thursday haha, doesnt make sense to me but oh well and then we were told to go down to Okotoks to help Sheep River (the elders who are moving) to clean their apartment better, so we had to go down and babysit more or less and clean the apartment to perfection, that went on till the early morning haha Got some sleep only to start cleaning again on Friday before we had to travel the zone to pick up Gas Receipts and car log information to turn into the mission office that day. That took most of the day, then we had a lesson with Courtney who we picked up a few weeks ago, she seems to love missionaries and is super interested in what it is we do! so we met with her at Tim Hortons. Then we had to be inside by 6 unless we had a dinner so we went to the dinner at the Babcocks, they are awesome! He was born in Murrieta! pretty crazy, so they are an American family. On Saturday we correlated with our WML and went to Brothers for lunch, mmmm so good :) Then had a lesson with Qing who is our recent convert. After we went to dinner at a members house, and after that we had a second dinner! A returning less active in the woodbine ward saw us when we were teaching Courtney and told us Saturday he is feeding us no matter what ha ha, so he took us and the woodbine elders out to Joeys! They actually had some very good fish tacos! it was nice to have those ha ha. Sunday was Break the fast and that was delicious of course! :) had some AMAZING roast beef actually ha ha then we had a fireside with elder Hallstrom. that pretty much sums up my week! :) 

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