Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 2nd 2014

Alright soooo this week has been exciting.... training calls have come out and transfers are among us!!!! We helped someone moved on Tuesday..... went downtown on Wednesday and had a great time down there, was on exchanges with the assistant and that evening I found out that elder Campbell is training!!!!!!! I'm going to have a grandson in the mission! yaaaay! :) also Elder Baker is training... again! crazy so I'm getting a new companion on Thursday.... I wonder who it could be! Thursday we planned for out missionary FHE activity and put the finishing details on that then ate dinner at the Babcocks house, he Grew up in Murrieta! small world once again, on Friday we went to trainers training for Elder Baker and then went to eat lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings :) then went to the hospital to meet with a returning less active :) Saturday we baked cookies with Daniel our WML and then wrapped them up with a "he is the gift" attached to them, they were walnut oatmeal chocolate chip and butterscotch :) we then got the Zone together and went zone snow shoveling! :) Sunday went well.... good church  services and then went to the hospital to visit the less active again! :) 
Alright now for the fun! :) Last night we had a MTC for FHE (member training center) we put it on to help the ward get excited for missionary work, one room was Role Plays, another room was addressing missionary work fears and starting a personal mission plan and the grand finale was an obstacle course! The members were blindfolded and had to hold on to a rope that lead them who knows where and keep their egg we gave them from breaking..... and goal was to make it to the end without having a broken egg.... catch was that everyones egg was broken... but through the atonement of a loving savior we can still be put back together... and we gave them some chocolate :) it was SWEET! that pretty much wraps up the week! all in all was fun and now its going to get even more crazy!

Elder Baker and Elder Martin


Zone Snow shoveling party

That's my kid

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