Wednesday, December 3, 2014

October 20th 2014

Well this week wasn't super exciting with it being transfers and everything, Monday was alright we had thanksgiving all day.... so much food!.... emails and pday on Tuesday, then Wednesday we moved the high-river sisters to their new apartment that took alllllll day! oh well ha ha. then Bjarnson had to pack and what not because Thursday was Transfers and hes gone! :( super sad to see him leave.... I now have Elder Baker... hes pretty dope.... he is from Murray Utah... :P  He has a fellow Missionary Girl back home as well they will be together 5 years as of next month.... crazy! Her name is Megan Walker then Friday we had mail and more moving furniture and stuff for the sisters and the Senior Missionary's in the office we will be helping the senior couple more on Wednesday... then Saturday we had a get to know you for all the new people in the Zone, that was fun then some Planning for the next week and dinner with Kevin so much fun... and Sunday was church and a fireside! :P that was our week haha not super exciting but im still alive! :)

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