Wednesday, December 3, 2014

October 14 email

Well this week was pretty good. Been busy with organizing the zone and getting ready for transfers... Elder Bjarnson is leaving me :( we have been down to high river several times to get things in order for the High River Sisters to move back there so we have been helping them move and found a new apartment for them to live in, we will be moving them in tomorrow thats going to be exciting at least i get to drive a Silverado :)

So on Pday last week we went to Sheep River Falls and it was gorgeous! :) got to get back into the grand outdoors! then the remainder of the week was trying to set up lessons with people to teach and finding people to teach, The spanish Elders had a baptism this week that we attended so that was cool :) When we went to Downtown Calgary on Wednesday I was with Elder Clark and we saw a little boy literally right after he got hit by a car, the kid couldn't have been older than 3, He only broke his leg, but in 2 places and it looked pretty gnarly, reminded me of mine.... there was luckily a lady who was there who was an emergency room nurse, so we felt helpless and didn't know what do do anymore so we left but then stopped and offered the little tyke a prayer and literally after the prayer was over we heard the Sirens of the Ambulance! :) and in all honesty Calgary Emergency isn't the quickest ive been told ha-ha, Then we met a Native man... who met the stereotype of drunk and homeless but we talked with him anyways, he was on a park bench and Elder Clark asked him first if he had a belief in god and he said he did, then i asked him "where did you come to gain this knowledge for yourself" The Gentlemen Launy was his name replied that his grandma took him to church ever week, then he just broke down into tears! we knelt down with him so we were on his level, it was quiet for about a minute and then we bore witness of the Plan Of Salvation told him we and Christ loved him, gave him a copy of the BoM, a picture of Jesus, and our information, it was way awesome! :) So that was Wednesday, the remainder up until Friday was normal then Friday we Knocked on this Referrals door that our stake president gave to us, She answered! her name was Emily we asked if she.... and then Emily herself cut us off and was like hey lets go to your church right now (it was down the street) so we went to the Church and taught her the first lesson and about temples and families together forever! :) it was awesome.... then Sunday rolls along and i gave my talk :) I was able to pick my favorite talk from Conference which was "lord is it I" by Uchtdorf :) Delivered it well i was told... a lot of compliments so i was happy! :) then had 3 thanksgiving dinners over the last 2 days ha ha :) and that was my week! 

Love them socks

Sheep River Falls

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